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City of Ioannina in Greece Marks Anniversary of Liberation

The historic city of Ioannina, the capital of Epirus in northwestern Greece, marks February 21st as the day of liberation from the Ottoman Empire. "The...

The Greek Architects of Italy’s Renaissance

Throughout history, many Greek scholars became the unsung heroes of the Renaissance, the period that linked ancient wisdom with a new modern era of...

Greek Olympians Sworn in as Military Officers in Grand Ceremony

A host of Greek Olympians, including multi-medal winning athletes Eleftherios Petrounias and Miltos Tentoglou, have been sworn in as military officers at a ceremony...

Drone Footage Reveals What Saudi Arabia’s Line Giga-Project Looks Like

The Line, Saudi Arabia's 170-kilometer-long (105 miles) mega mirror city being constructed in the desert in Neom, is progressing. It is just one of...

How Homer’s Epics Survived After the Fall of the Ancient Greek World

Homer's Iliad and Odyssey were the two epics that brought the ideas of Greek civilization to the world and served as the foundation of...

Ancient Greek Martial Art ‘Pankration’ and Its Influence on MMA

Pankration was one of ancient Greece’s most revered sports in the same way that millions of people love MMA today. It was an embodiment...

First Realistic Depiction of Ancient Greek Clinic Painted on a Vase

The first realistic depiction of an outpatient clinic in ancient Greece is on a drawing on a small vase created in Athens around 470...

Underwater City of Heracleion, Egypt, and Its Links to Ancient Greece

The Lost City Of Heracleion, which was once the largest port in Egypt, was discovered underwater after more than 2,000 years.

The Mystery of the Pyramid Structure Discovered Under the Sea

The mystery of a pyramid structure that was found under the sea off the coast of the Azores Islands in 2013 is still puzzling...

Neuralink’s First Patient Controls Mouse by Thinking, Musk Says

Elon Musk said on Monday that the first human patient implanted with a brain chip from Neuralink appears to have fully recovered and can...

The Unparalleled Beauty of Tzoumerka Cave in Greece

The cave in Tzoumerka, Epirus is one of the most impressive and most visited natural wonders of Greece and an ideal destination all year round.

Did Ancient Phoenicia Really Exist?

The Phoenicians were, for a long time, significant rivals to the Greeks in dominating Mediterranean trade. Interestingly, they shared quite a few similarities to...

Stavroula Gouvousi: The First Woman Executed in Greece

The first ever woman to be executed in Greece after the court gave her the death penalty was 63-year-old Stavroula Gouvousi

The American Bringing Baklava and Flavors of Greece to Salt Lake City

Baklava and other flavors of Greece are the specialties of a black American woman who founded Sheer Ambrosia Bakery in Salt Lake City.

The Most Brutal Holy Wars in History

Religious wars have been a pervasive feature of human history across the world. Time and time again, members of one faith have taken up...

The Mystery of the Greek Skeletons Found in an Indian Lake

Researchers have determined that skeletons found at India's Roopkund Lake belonged to Greeks who visited the site in the 1800s.

The Tiny Islet in Greece That Has Its Own Natural Pool

A tiny islet off the coast of Attica near the Kaki Thalassa area has such a shape that it gives the impression it features a swimming pool.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Cyprus

The island of Cyprus has long been known for the exquisite beaches which line the country's shores.

Best Beaches on Chios, Greece’s Island of a Thousand Faces

Chios is the fifth-largest island in Greece, and it is a hidden gem waiting to be unveiled. Its surrounded by the sparkling, deep sapphire waters of the Aegean Sea.

Paxos: The Greek Island of Serene Beauty in the Ionian Sea

Paxos, also called Paxoi and Antipaxoi, offers another side of Greek culture, full of art, history, and stunning landscapes.

Top Five Beach Bars You Must Visit in Greece

When summer rolls around in Greece people beat the heat by flocking to beach bars to enjoy a "frappe" coffee next to the indigo blue sea. 

Five Natural Pools on the Greek Islands to Discover This Summer

For those heading to the Mediterranean this summer, there can be no better way to enjoy the glimmering azure waters than with a plunge...

Ancient Greek Women Held Their Own Olympic Games

The ancient Heraean Games was a sporting event exclusively for women, in honor of the Greek goddess Hera done every four years.

Did the Lelantine War in Ancient Greece Really Happen?

The Lelantine War (Greek: Ληλάντιος πόλεμος) was supposedly fought between two cities in ancient Greece, Chalcis and Eretria on the island of Euboea, and...

Why Is There A Full-Size Parthenon at the Heart of the US?

We all know that the Parthenon is Greece’s most iconic monument, but imagine stumbling upon this majestic site, not amidst the ancient ruins of...

The Dazzling Greek Beauty of Sicily’s Valley of The Temples

Dominating the hills near the southern coast of Sicily lies an archaeological treasure that has captivated visitors for centuries: the Valle Dei Templi, or...

What Were the Ancient Greek Dark Ages?

Ancient Greece was a civilization full of activity. Right from as early as 1600 BC Greece was full of impressive buildings, signs of powerful...

How Ancient Greeks Spread Buddhism to the Known World

Buddhism, a religion, or according to some, a path towards experiencing ultimate reality, was founded by Siddhārtha Gautama, a man from India also referred...

Recipe: Galaktoboureko, the Most Beloved Greek Dessert

Here's a traditional recipe for the Greek dessert galaktoboureko, aka Greek milk, or custard, pie. Greece is known around the world for its delicious cuisine,...

Gyros Street Tacos: Delicious Greek Mexican Fusion

When the most popular street foods of two of the world's most celebrated cuisines meet, the result is Churrasco-Style Gyros Street Tacos. 

Loukoumades: Greek Fried Puffs Recipe

A traditional recipe for Loukoumades, the delicious Greek fried puffs with honey.

Three Tasty Greek Yogurt Recipes to Try at Home

Treats made from Greek yogurt can add an interesting and tasty dimension. Once hard to come by outside of Greece, the country’s famed yogurt is now...