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Fr. Alex Karloutsos to be Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom

Father Alex Karloutsos, former Vicar General for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, will be receiving a Presidential Medal of Freedom for his work...

The Colossus of Rhodes: Six Facts About the Wonder of Ancient World

Most people today know of the Colossus of Rhodes as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, but there are many little-known...

Diaporos: The Exotic Greek Island with Warm Waters All Year Round

Diaporos islet in Halkidiki, northern Greece, is like an exotic island, with crystal clear warm waters and no winds all year round.

The Venizelos Mansion: The Oldest House in Athens is Also a Museum

Although the Greek capital of Athens is full of ancient monuments and temples, its oldest standing house, the Venizelos Mansion, dates to the 16th century.

Ancient Greek Lyres Make a Comeback in Thessaloniki

The ancient Greek lyre is on display to be seen and played at a unique interactive exhibition of ancient musical instruments in the heart of Thessaloniki.

Top Five Destinations in the Peloponnese

More and more travelers are discovering the gems of the Greek mainland, and most of all, the beautiful destinations of the Peloponnese. So what are...

Greece Requests to Buy 20 Lockheed F-35 Fighter Jets from the US

Greece has sent an official request to the United States for the purchase of twenty Lockheed Martin-made F-35 fighter jets, the country's prime minister...

Ancient Monument on Greece’s Sikinos Receives European Award

The Monument of Episkopi, a Roman mausoleum converted to a Byzantine church on the island of Sikinos, Greece, was among the winners of the...

Treasure From the Sea: The Salt Flats of Messolonghi

Salt has played a crucial role in the history of civilization, enabling food to be preserved over the winters until the modern miracles of...

How Sophia Loren Made Hollywood Fall in Love with Greece

Sophia Loren, the great Italian actress, was the star of the first Hollywood movie ever shot in Greece, on the majestic island of of Hydra.

Greek Revolution-Era Costumes Come Back to Life in Amazing Photo Shoot

Traditional Greek costumes, some dating from the era of the 1821 War of Independence, have been brought alive by contemporary artists.

Filiki Eteria: The Group That Sparked the Greek War of Independence

The Filiki Eteria (Φιλική Εταιρία) -- or the Society of Friends -- was founded on September 14, 1814, and played a crucial role in...

Drone Captures View of “Black Hole” Cave in Greece’s Mani Peninsula

The "black hole" cave, located in western Mani, is one of the few spots in the rocky area where Greece's scorching sun doesn't beat down.

Stavroula Gouvousi: The First Woman Executed in Greece

The first ever woman to be executed in Greece after the court gave her the death penalty was 63-year-old Stavroula Gouvousi

Psorokostaina a Real Figure in the Greek War of Independence

Psorokostaina, a beautiful lady having a large fortune, was a real person and even a heroic figure during the Greek War of Independence.

Breathtaking Ruins Of Mystras Mark Center of Byzantine Power in Greece

Mystras which lies in the southeastern Peloponnesian Peninsula, was once the center of Byzantine power in southern Greece.

Agistri: The Greek Island Paradise Just a Stone’s Throw Away from Athens

Agistri is a green, lush island that includes many scenic and unspoiled charms despite its proximity to the Greek capital city of Athens.

The Awe-Inspiring Natural Landscape of Greece’s Zagori

Zagori is an awe-inspiring natural landscape with an incredibly well-preserved network of 46 villages and features national parks, rivers and waterfalls.

The Delta of the Mornos River Part of Threatened Ecosystem

The wetlands surrounding the Mornos River in central Greece are home to a unique and threatened ecosystem. By Lia Mageira After the construction of the Mornos...

8 Reasons to Visit the Beautiful Volcanic Island of Nisyros

Nisyros is one of the most beautiful Aegean islands, still untouched by tourism growth. It is part of the Dodecanese group of islands, situated between Kos and Tilos. The island extends over a surface of 41 km and its coastline is 28 km long.

Heraklion: Discover the Capital of Crete

Heraklion, the capital of the Greek island of Crete, is an ancient city that perhaps is under-appreciated for its many attractions.

Methoni and Koroni: Two Majestic Greek Towns with Historic Castles

Methoni and Koroni, two quintessential Greek seaside towns, are home to Venetian castles, countless pristine sandy beaches, and lush landscapes. The two towns are intertwined...

Liver: The Source of Emotions, According to Ancient Greeks

For the ancient Greeks the liver had an important role in divine and spiritual daily life: the liver was the center of the soul and the source of emotions.

Hugh Grant to Star as Zeus in Upcoming Netflix Greek Myth Thriller “Kaos”

Hugh Grant will be starring as Zeus, king of the Greek gods, in an upcoming Netflix thriller based on Greek mythology called Kaos. The dark...

2,200 Year Old Alexander the Great Statue Discovered in Alexandria

The Ministry of Antiquities in Cairo has recently discovered a statue of Alexander the Great within an ancient "residential and commercial zone" in Alexandria...

Meet the Anemoi, the Greek Gods of Weather

Ancient Greeks believed that the weather, like nearly everything else on earth, was the result of divine activity. Wind, specifically, was associated with the...

Snakes, Apes and Ferrets: The Ancient Greek Love of Pets

Animals were an important part of life in antiquity, and Ancient Greeks loved their pets. Ancient sources tell us that they kept a wide...

Phryne: The Ancient Greek Courtesan Who Disrobed For Her Freedom

Phryne the Thespian was a notable ancient Greek hetaira, or courtesan, of Athens, who is remembered throughout the millennia for her dramatic trial which...

Kalitsounia: Sweet Cretan Pastries Recipe

Kalitsounia is an amazing cheese-filled sweet pastry traditionally made on the Greek island of Crete. Here's our authentic recipe: For the filling: • SWEET MIZITHRA OR...

Homemade Authentic Greek Baklava Recipe

Here's an easy and authentic recipe to make the Greeks' all-time favorite dessert, Baklava. Baklavas, or baklava, is likely one of the most famous, yet...

Greek Rice Pudding

Here's a traditional recipe on how to make Greek Rice pudding aka rizogalo.

Recipe: Imam Baildi aka Greek Stuffed Eggplants

Here's a traditional recipe of Imam baildi, aka Greek stuffed eggplants, a Greek favorite dish. Try it with our favorite olive oil: from...