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Phryne: The Ancient Greek Courtesan Who Disrobed For Her Freedom

Phryne the Thespian was a notable ancient Greek hetaira, or courtesan, of Athens, who is remembered throughout the millennia for her dramatic trial which...

Greece Only EU Country Fully Recovering Air Connectivity

Greece is the only country in Europe on the road to full post-COVID-19 recovery of its total and direct air connectivity, according to the...

ION Chocolate Brand Synonymous with Greece Sold to Cypriot Company

The buyout of one of Greece’s major chocolate and confectionery manufacturers, ION, was approved by the Hellenic Competition Commission (HCC) on Tuesday. ION is being...

Turkey Lifts Veto on Finland and Sweden’s Bid to Join NATO

Turkey lifted on Tuesday its veto over Finland and Sweden’s bid to join NATO after the three nations agreed to protect each other’s security. The...

The Greek History of Truffles: It All Started With a Thunderbolt from Zeus

The history of truffles is one of folklore and intrigue, but very few people know of its links to the ancient Greek god Zeus....

The Greek Archaeologist Who Discovered Alexander’s City of Bactria

Prominent Russian archaeologist of Greek-Pontic descent Victor Sarigiannidis is the man who discovered the ancient city of Bactria

The Lion’s Den: When Big Cats Roamed the Land in Ancient Greece

Greek scientists believe that a cave near Vravrona, about 40 km (25 miles) east of Athens, was a hideout for lions and panthers which...

Ancient Marble Floors Damaged in Hagia Sophia

A number of tiles of the ancient marble floors in Hagia Sophia have been damaged by heavy machines used to clean the site, according...

2400-Year-Old Greek Ship is the Oldest Wreck Yet Discovered

The discovery of the ancient Greek shipwreck "Odysseus," thought to be the oldest of its kind ever found, at the bottom of the Black...

COVID-19 Infections in Greece Surge Past 20,000

Greece’s health authorities reported 20,084 new infections on Tuesday, as the Omicron subvariants BA.4 and BA.5 continued to drive the sixth wave of the...

Neanderthal – Era Settlement Found Under Princess Diana’s Family Estate

Although the name of Spencer is a storied one in British history, going back at least one thousand years to the Norman Conquest, the...

Vlahakis: The Greek Tribe of Africa

The name Vlahakis is widespread in Zambia, thanks to a brave Greek man from the island of Crete called Nikolaos Vlahakis who arrived in...

The Charming Winter Beauty of Samarina, Greece

Nature, local traditions, history, and the environment entwined — this is what can be found in the famous mountain village of Samarina, one of...

The Customs and Traditions of a Typical Greek Wedding, Explained

Greek weddings are festive events with many traditions stemming from both the Greek Orthodox church and from cultural superstitions.

The Worst Year Ever to Be Alive in History

The volcanic explosions of the year 536 caused researchers to state recently that that year was definitively "the worst year to be alive."

Most Common Names in Greece, Cyprus, and Around the World

In Greece and Cyprus, it is custom to follow a widely-used pattern of naming a child after their grandparents.

The Unique, Ethereal Beauty of Meteora, Greece

Meteora, Greece, is like no other place on Earth; indeed, in many ways, it looks as if it is on another planet, with its...

Lemnos: Home to Greece’s Unique Desert

People who have not visited the beautiful Greek island of Lemnos may consider it a  moonscape due to its arid terrain.

How to Experience Athens on a Budget of €10 a Day

Now that you have arrived in Athens, how do you enjoy all that the ancient city has to offer on a budget? It might be easier than you think.

The Hidden Treasures of Olympus, the Mountain of the Greek Gods

Many people come to visit Greece with a mission in mind – to visit Olympus, the mountain of the ancient Greek gods.

A Magical Getaway to the Aegean Island of Halki

Halki island is a haven of peace and natural remedy for anxiety. Its emerald waters, its history and culture are unique features.

Nymphaio, The Fairy-Tale Village of Northern Greece

Nymphaio is a beautiful village located just outside Florina in West Macedonia, Greece.

The Oldest Photograph of the Acropolis

French photographer and draughtsman Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey took the first-ever photograph of the Acropolis of Athens in 1842.

Sex Strike: Why Ancient Greek Play Lysistrata is Trending in the US

The ancient Greek play, Lysistrata, became a trending topic in the US after protesters called for a sex strike in the wake of the...

Beer Was Brewed in Bronze Age Greece

Greece is known for its wine, but it seems ancient Greeks were not only winemakers but also fond of brewing and drinking beer, a...

Five Caryatids in Athens Still Waiting for Their Lonely Sister

The Erechtheion, the ancient Greek temple held up by statues known as Caryatids, was dedicated to the gods Athena and Poseidon; it still stands...

Kyniska of Sparta, the First Female Olympian

Kyniska was a Spartan princess, she went down in history after becoming the first woman to win the Olympics of old.

Alexander the Great Campaigns Influenced Egyptian, World Cuisine

Alexander the Great had an enormous influence on the ancient world as a result of the Greek conqueror's military campaigns, including Egypt.

Recipe for Kourabiedes, Greece’s Christmastime Shortbread Cookies

Kourabiedes are some of the most famous Greek Christmas cookies. They are a kind of shortbread cookie, perfectly sweet and satisfying, filled with almonds...

Phyllo Wrapped Feta Cheese with Truffle Honey Recipe

A traditional Greek appetizer, phyllo-wrapped feta cheese with truffle honey is easy to make and offers a delicious rich flavor.

Greek Rice Pudding

Here's a traditional recipe on how to make Greek Rice pudding aka rizogalo.

Greek Dakos Cheesecake Recipe

Try this Dakos Greek Cheesecake recipe for a unique cheesecake that will pleasantly surprise you and your guests. Ingredients for the base; DAKOS RUSK (kritharokoulouro) 60gr/...