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First Direct Evidence That Babies React to Taste in the Womb

A study led by Durham University in U.K. gives the first evidence that unborn babies react to taste in the womb.

First Kindergarten Opens on Tiny Borderline Greek Island Ereikoussa

The newly-founded first kindergarten on the tiny borderline Greek island of Ereikoussa, in the Ionian Sea, opened its doors to two students.

Cyprus Breaks Greece’s Undefeated Record in UEFA Nations League

Cyprus broke Greece's undefeated record in UEFA Nations League, winning the match with 1-0 at the Aek Arena in Larnaca on Saturday.

Recipe: Galaktoboureko, the Most Beloved Greek Dessert

Here's a traditional recipe for the Greek dessert galaktoboureko, aka Greek milk, or custard, pie. Greece is known around the world for its delicious cuisine,...

Rare Exhibition of Paintings by European Philhellenes Opens In Thessaloniki

A rare exhibition of paintings by 19th-century European Philhellenes opened at the Teloglion Fine Arts Foundation, Thessaloniki, on Thursday.

World’s Oldest Computer and Ancient Greeks’ View of the Universe

A bronze artifact salvaged from an ancient Greek shipwreck, recognized as the world's oldest computer, may hold the secrets of the universe. By Mike Edmunds When...

Five Foods You Can Eat to Help Save the Planet

Improve your diet and also help save the planet by changing the food that you eat. The task of combatting climate change often feels...

Greeks Rank at the Top of the EU in Positive Self-Perceived Health

Greek and Maltese nationals aged 45-64 ranked first in the European Union in terms of positive self-perception of their health.

The Jewish Prophesy of Alexander the Great

According to the the Jewish Book of Daniel, Alexander the Great was prophesied 200 years prior to his birth and was to change the...

World’s Best Airlines for 2022

The Skytrax World Airline Awards 2022, held at the Langham Hotel in London, unveiled the year's best airlines on Friday.

Five of the Most Staggering Caves Worth Exploring on the Island of Crete

There are hundreds of caves scattered around the Greek island of Crete—and all of them are worth a visit, either for their natural features...

Diaporos: The Exotic Greek Island with Warm Waters All Year Round

Diaporos islet in Halkidiki, northern Greece, is like an exotic island, with crystal clear warm waters and no winds all year round.

The Women of Epirus: Unsung Heroines of the Greco-Italian War

Most Greeks know about the golden pages of heroism written by the Greek soldiers in the mountains of Northern Epirus, when Greece bravely fended...

Emotional Hymn of Kassiane Reverberates Across Greece on Holy Tuesday

The Gospels take center stage on Holy Tuesday in the Orthodox church, as Greeks move closer to the end of Lent and Easter Sunday.

The History of the Arvanites in Greece

The Arvanites, the descendants of people who came to Greece from what is now Albania in the Middle Ages, have their own distinct language...

Pentozali, the Gravity-Defying Traditional Dance of Crete

Pentozali is a gravity-bending traditional dance from Crete, where traditional ways of life still hold strong in many areas of the island.

Samothrace: The Most “Un-Greek” Island of Greece

Samothrace is a little-known Greek island which boasts many breathtaking waterfalls and is surrounded by crystal clear waters.

The Ten Most Beautiful Lakes in Greece

Lakes in Greece go under-appreciated because of the country's wealth of beaches and islands, but Greek lakes are surely enchanting and worth a visit!

Historic Dimitsana, The Pride of the Peloponnese in Greece

Dimitsana is a delightful medieval village, located in Arcadia, the Peloponnese in southern Greece, just three hours by car from Athens. The picturesque village is...

The Hidden Treasures of Olympus, the Mountain of the Greek Gods

Many people come to visit Greece with a mission in mind – to visit Olympus, the mountain of the ancient Greek gods.

Exploring Nafplion, the First Capital of Modern Greece

Nafplion is a small city with thousands of years of eventful history and a unique character, full of style and beauty.

Five Castles to Visit in Santorini

The most famous cliff all over the world, the Caldera of Santorini is a place worth seeing at least once. Nothing compares to the...

The Moment Ancient Greek Masterpiece Was Unearthed at Delphi

Delphi, Greece, 1894. Archeologists and workers pose in front of the magnificent statue of Antinous, which was unearthed near the Temple of Apollo in...

Autumn Equinox Marks Solemn Change of Seasons

In Greek mythology, the Autumn equinox (which occurs on Wednesday) marks the return of the goddess Persephone to the underworld for three months, where...

The Death of Actaeon and the Capriciousness of Fate

Disasters are inevitable, even in Greek mythology; a great example of this is the unfortunate fate suffered by the young protagonist of the ancient myth of Actaeon...

Bronze Age Settlement Found Under Roman Bath Complex at Corinth

A Bronze Age settlement and an elegant Roman bath complex were recently unearthed at the site of ancient Corinth. The excavation at Chiliomodi, Corinth not...

The Glory of Mycenae Where Early Greek Civilization Flourished

The UNESCO site of Mycenae is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. This is the area where an early Greek civilization,...

Battle of Thermopylae: When the Greeks Fought to Defend Western Civilization

The Battle of Thermopylae and the fight of 300 Spartans against 10,000 elite Persian soldiers is a magnificent moment in Greece's history.

Greek Yogurt Pancakes: Favorite Breakfast Gets Healthy Makeover

Fluffy pancakes can switch high sugar - high cholesterol toppings such as butter, bacon or maple syrup for Greek style yogurt as a more balanced nutritious alternative.

Recipe: Zuchini Fritters Filled with Halloumi Cheese

These Greek Zucchini Fritters recipe filled with halloumi cheese will be a hit on the table and a great appetiser for your special occasion...

Chocolate Dipped Melomakarona Recipe

A spin of the traditional Melomakarona, the chocolate filled Greek Christmas cookies are a great dessert for the holiday meals. In a bowl • WATER 17...

Recipe for Kourabiedes, Greece’s Christmastime Shortbread Cookies

Kourabiedes are some of the most famous Greek Christmas cookies. They are a kind of shortbread cookie, perfectly sweet and satisfying, filled with almonds...