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Greece Commemorates Thessaloniki Jews Murdered in the Holocaust

On Sunday Greece commemorated the first deportations of Greek Jews from Thessaloniki to the Nazi camps where thousands perished during the Holocaust. Holding white balloons...

UBS Agrees To Buy Credit Suisse For More Than $2 Billion

Credit Suisse has accepted a takeover offer of over $2 billion by UBS, in a historic government-brokered rescue deal.

Thousands Of Participants Join Athens Half-Marathon

Thousands of participants of all ages and backgrounds joined the Athens Half-Marathon and two associated races in the Greek capital on Sunday.

Hypsipyle and the Murderous Greek Women of Lemnos

In Greek mythology, Hypsipyle was a queen of the island of Lemnos and mother to the two sons of Jason, the legendary hero who...

Passenger Injured in Greece’s Railway Tragedy Files Criminal Complaint

Railway services are expected to gradually resume in Greece from Wednesday, three weeks after the deadly rail disaster at Tempi.

Trump: “I Will Be Arrested On Tuesday, Protest”

Former U.S. President Donald Trump said he expects to be arrested next Tuesday and called on his supporters to protest any such move.

Potentially Active Volcanoes Found on Planet Venus

A recent scientific study has revealed the detection of potentially active volcanoes on the planet Venus using data gathered by NASA's Magellan spacecraft in...

Greek-Developed Precision Farming System Sold for $110M

Innovative precision farming system Augmenta, developed by two Greek engineers, was taken over by multinational corporation CNH Industrial.

Greece Defence Minister Says Meeting Turkey Counterpart Not Ruled Out

The Minister of National Defence of Greece said in an interview that he wouldn't rule out a meeting with his Turkey counterpart.

Robots Can Help Improve Mental Wellbeing at Work

Recent research that came out of the University of Cambridge suggests that a toy-like robot may enhance mental well-being in the workplace. During the course...

Ten Ancient Sites You Must See While in Athens

The city of Athens has seen a dramatic transformation towards modernity over the last several years. It has now turned into one of the...

18-Million-Year Old Petrified Trees Unearthed on Lesvos, Greece

Excavations for rainwater drainage pipes brought to light fourteen more petrified trees in the Petrified Forest on the island of Lesvos. "The trunks were in...

Tina Livanos: The Greek Beauty Who Married Both Onassis and Niarchos

Tina Livanos was known across the world for her marriages to two of Greece's most powerful figures, Onassis and Niarchos.

The Unbelievable Variety of Greece’s Landscapes

Greece's many coastal islands, dense urban centers, and historical architectural sites like the Parthenon have been iconic to foreigners across the world for decades....

Ten Wacky Facts About Greece That Will Surprise You

There is much more to Greece than meets the (evil) eye! Here are 15 facts about Greece that you won't learn in school or in a guidebook!

Greeks in Lebanon Devasted after Beirut Apocalypse

Greeks in Lebanon have suffered -and are still sufering greatly- after the Beirut blast. A new film by journalist George Eid, who is part...

The Most Beautiful Beaches Near Athens

There is much more to Athens than the Acropolis and museums. The city and surrounding suburbs are home to beautiful beaches, and Athens happens...

Working from Paradise: Crete Launches Campaign to Entice Digital Nomads

Some weeks ago, the Region of Crete launched the first website in Greece to attract and help digital nomads to live and work from paradise

How You Can Do Mykonos on €60 a Day

Despite its reputation as a luxury spot, you can actually go to Mykonos and enjoy what the island has to offer for a mere 50-60 euros a day.

Hydra Offers History and Stunning Beauty in Complete Serenity

Hydra has long been a destination for artists, musicians, and free spirits inspired by its stunning natural beauty and vibrant port town.

Meet Babis Bizas, the Greek Who Is ‘The World’s Most Traveled Person’

Babis Bizas is the ''world’s most traveled person'' according to the Guinness Book of Records. The adventurer travels over 300 days a year.

The Island of Sifnos, Unassuming Gem of the Western Cyclades

Sifnos, one of the islands of the Western Cyclades, is a balance of beautiful beaches, nightlife, pristine white villages, low-impact tourism.

The Ancient Greeks Had Advanced Plumbing, Drainage, and Water Systems

Several archaeological finds from across the ancient Greek world have revealed the advanced state of ancient Greek plumbing systems. Although plumbing is rarely the first...

Minoan Ancient Palaces of Crete in Bid for UNESCO Approval

Greek authorities are finalizing the candidacy file for the inclusion of Crete’s Minoan-era ancient palaces in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The file will be...

What Ancient Greeks Asked the Oracle of Dodona Revealed in Video

The ancient Greek sanctuary and theater of Dodona, home to the oldest oracle, are part of a uniquely historic site in the country, which...

Thespians: The Forgotten Heroes of the Battle of Thermopylae

The Battle of Thermopylae, Greece in 480 BC is one of the most famous last stands in history. In the many centuries since the...

“Heroes of Bronze: The Memory” Short Film Brings Ancient Greece to Life

Heroes of Bronze: The Memory is the first CGI short film in a planned series showcasing ancient Greece in magnificent detail. The first part of...

UK’s PM Rules Out Return of Parthenon Marbles to Greece

UK's Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has vowed to protect the Parthenon Marbles from being sent back to Greece, saying they remain a “huge asset”...

Loukoumades: Greek Fried Puffs Recipe

A traditional recipe for Loukoumades, the delicious Greek fried puffs with honey.

Kalitsounia: Sweet Cretan Pastries Recipe

Kalitsounia is an amazing cheese-filled sweet pastry traditionally made on the Greek island of Crete. Here's our authentic recipe: For the filling: • SWEET MIZITHRA OR...

Semolina Halva Recipe

Here's a traditional recipe fro the delicious Greek desert Halva with Semolina. Ingredients 250ml sunflower oil 14oz – 400gr semolina flour 5lb – 700gr sugar ...

Recipe: Zuchini Fritters Filled with Halloumi Cheese

These Greek Zucchini Fritters recipe filled with halloumi cheese will be a hit on the table and a great appetiser for your special occasion...