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The Behrakis Foundation is a private family foundation established in Massachusetts in 1996 by George and Margo Behrakis. During his lifetime, Mr Behrakis has concentrated a majority of his philanthropy in the areas of Arts, Education, HealthCare, Hellenic Causes and the Eastern Orthodox Faith. Carrying on the work of Mr Behrakis, the Foundation seeks to help the community to prepare for its new economic opportunities, and its new national and international leadership roles. For more information, please contact Stephanie Behrakis-Liakos at sliakos[at] or 781-861-9114.

George Behrakis
George and Margo Behrakis at the Boston Museum of Modern Art

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National Hellenic Society Honors George D. Behrakis
The National Hellenic Society, a prominent non-profit organization sending dozens of Greek-American students to Greece every year, honored business leader and philanthropist George Behrakis during its heritage weekend in Las Vegas, Oct 8 2016.

University of Athens Honors Entrepreneur & Philanthropist George D. Behrakis
During a special ceremony at the University of Athens on December 11th, Greek-American entrepreneur and philanthropist George D. Behrakis was named honorary doctor by the School of Medicine.

Leadership 100 Partners Establish Day of Service; Donate Health Kits

Drake and Maria Behrakis led the L100 Partners Day of Service at their home parish of Saint Nicholas Church in Lexington, MA resulting in 224 IOCC emergency health kits donated to impoverished areas outside the United States.

The Hellenic Initiative Announces 2nd Annual Banquet to Honor George D. Behrakis
The event will honor George D. Behrakis, among two other Greek Americans, recognizing his passion for Philanthropy and Hellenism.

Anti-smoking Campaign: HEART Saves Hearts in Greece
Harvard University in collaboration with Panayiotis Behrakis of the University of Athens, School of Medicine with the support of The Behrakis Foundation, have implemented a program to change the mentality of Greeks towards their favorite lethal habit, smoking.

Juno Statue Finds a Home at MFA’s Behrakis Wing
In March, the the George D. and Margo Behrakis Gallery,  a wing at the the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) welcomed a 13-foot marble sculpture of the goddess Juno. Due to its enormous size, the sculpture was airlifted into the gallery through an opening made in the roof.

“Portraits of Prominent Greeks in the U.S.A”
Portraits of Prominent Greeks in the U.S.A. is a unique record of 63 famous individuals, each one in his/her field, who share not only a Greek heritage, but also the same passion to fulfill their ambitions.

Giving from the Heart: The Philanthropy of George D. Behrakis
The feeling stuck with him over an illustrious 40-year career in the pharmaceutical industry (from his early days at Johnson & Johnson to the start of several companies of his own), and when he retired officially from business at 60 (he’s now 76), he began an exhaustive career of philanthropy that has enriched many fields.