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Greece Pushes For EU-Wide Response to Energy Crunch

Greece pushed for a EU response to the tackle the ongoing energy crunch at the summit of leaders that took place on Thursday and Friday in Brussels. However, EU leaders shunned sweeping action by adopting a moderate list of measures...

Greece and Egypt to Sign Electricity Link-Up

Greece and Egypt will ink a preliminary deal to build a large electrical cable connecting the two countries on Thursday. It is the first such agreement to be signed between Europe and Africa in the southeastern Mediterranean. The deal will...

Could EU Energy Price Hikes Lead to a Global Energy Crisis?

Gas and other energy prices have spiked in Greece, Europe and globally in the past two weeks. Experts have been researching whether this could lead to a new global energy crisis, like the one in the 1970s. Analysts believe gas...

Greece Offers Power Subsidy to Households as Energy Price Soars

Greece announced on Friday a series of measures that would offer households subsidies to cope with soaring energy prices. “In this unprecedented energy crisis, we will not leave anyone unprotected,” said Environment and Energy Minister Costas Skrekas at a joint...

As Prices Rise, Russia’s Gazprom Cuts Gas Supplies to EU by 70%

The Russian firm Gazprom, which is majority owned by the Russian state, is continuing to reduce gas supplies to Europe via Belarus, potentially aggravating tense market conditions. The price of gas has all but doubled in the last few...

Greece Calls on EU to Protect Consumers From Gas Price Spikes

Greece called on the European Union on Monday to create a special mechanism to protect consumers from steep gas price spikes across the bloc. In a joint letter to the head of the eurozone’s finance ministers, Paschal Donohoe and Greek...

Crypto Value Soars After El Salvador Uses Volcanic Energy to Mine Bitcoin

The price of cryptocurrencies is soaring after El Salvador's President Nayib Bukele announced on Friday that the country is using volcanic energy to mine Bitcoin. The news came via Bukele's twitter account, where the president posted a video of a...

Elon Musk Bullish on Future of Nuclear Energy

Elon Musk, who has an outsize influence on public opinion, whether it be on alternative energy or Bitcoin, had some striking things to say recently, stating that nuclear energy should provide part of the world's energy needs in the...

Greece Sells Majority Stake of Public Power Corporation

Greece's Public Power Corporation (PPC) is expected to complete a share capital increase plan worth around 750 million euros by early November, following a decision reached by its board on Thursday. The process is set to bring the state’s share...

Greece Sells 49% of Public Power Corporation HEDNO to Australian Company

Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator (HEDNO) has sold 49% of its stake to Australia’s Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets Group

Five Percent of Power Plants Create 73% of Electrical Generation Emissions

Power plants across the world are giants of environmental pollution. A study published in the journal Enviornmental Research Letters found that five percent of the 29,000 power plants included in the study were the source of 73 percent of the planet's emissions of carbon dioxide from the electricity generation sector.

Biden Introduces Stricter Pollution Rules in Move to Push Electric Cars

President Joe Biden is introducing newer, stricter pollution laws in an attempt to phase out gas cars and make electric cars the dominant mode of personal transportation in America. Biden's strategy is to use tailpipe regulations to edge the public over to electric vehicles from their gas-fueled counterparts. Biden sees this move as the key to reducing the pollution that is contributing to global warming.

Athens’ Iconic Syntagma Square to be Transformed into Sustainable Area

Syntagma Square, the heart of Athens, will be transformed into a sustainable urban area following a vote on Monday.

New Electric-Powered Buses Start Trials in Athens

Electric buses are being introduced to the wealth of public transport options available to those in Athens on Monday. 

Greek Island of Tilos Wins EU Environmental Award

The small Greek island of Tilos has been awarded an EU RESponsible Island Prize for its efforts to use local renewable energy.