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The Magic of Snowcapped Mount Parnassus in Greece

A drone video has recently captured the mesmerizing magic of Mount Parnassus in central Greece after the November snows covered its craggy peaks. Parnassus, measuring 2,457 meters (8,061 feet), is one of the highest mountains in Greece, towering above the...

Papingo: One of the Most Picturesque Villages in Greece

Perched very near the end of Vikos Gorge, picturesque Papingo consists of two villages, Megalo Papingo and Mikro Papingo, or Greater Papingo and Lesser Papingo

Top Mythological Sites in Greece

There is something about Greece that sets it apart from many other holiday destinations across the globe; its mythological sites.

Top 7 Christmas Destinations in Greece for 2022

Greece has amazing destinations for Christmas. Although it is globally known for its warm, sunny summers, white sand beaches, and crystal-clear waters, the country offers much more. The surprisingly diverse landscape of Greece provides countless opportunities, all the way from...

Arachova: The Cosmopolitan Winter Destination of Greece

The cosmopolitan alpine town of Arachova is the perfect place to go to “see and be seen” during the winter season in Greece. An easy two-hour drive from Athens, Arachova is often dubbed the “Winter Mykonos," thanks to the wave...

Top Greek Winter Destinations

Greece is known around the world for its sunny summers, white sand beaches, and crystal- clear waters, but there is another equally magical and exciting side to the country. There are many winter destinations that will make anyone drop...

Antikythera Island: The Peaceful Paradise at the Edge of the Aegean Sea

The isolated Greek island of Antikythera, lying at the edge of the Aegean Sea between Crete and the Peloponnese, is like paradise.

Greek Passport Eighth Most Powerful in the World

Japan, which has completely banned all foreign spectators from the upcoming Olympics, is in first place in passport strength.

Athens, an Open Museum: Google’s Ode to the Capital of Greece

Athens is an open museum of endless collections, says a spectacular video released by Google on Friday. The video highlights the Greek capital's unique treasures to visitors and locals alike. "During your visit, you will see ancient temples, temples of...

Cheap Airfares Aren’t Coming Back, Airline Executives Say

With travel demand at its highest and supply struggling to keep up, airfares have skyrocketed, leading to massive revenues for airlines, and it looks like that is not going to change. Indeed, Airline executives have announced that cheap airfares are...

Anafiotika, the Hidden Island of Athens

The tiny, scenic neighborhood of Anafiotika tucked above the Plaka, just below the Acropolis, is often overlooked by visitors to Athens

Airbnb Addressing Two Huge Complaints: Hidden Fees and Chores

Airbnb has come to a conclusion that fees typically added at the end of a user's selection will now be shown from the beginning in the search results. The decision came about after facing multiple complaints that prices skyrocketed once...

The Magnificent Church of Saint Nicholas on Syros, Greece

The Church of Saint Nicholas, a magnificent church in Ermoupolis, the capital of Syros, took twenty-two years to build. Overlooking the Cycladic island, Saint Nicholas' construction began in 1848, according to the designs of a Greek architect named G. Metaxas....

Nymphaio, the Fairy-Tale Village of Northern Greece

Nymphaio is a stunning village, often ranked amongst the most beautiful, located just outside Florina in West Macedonia, Greece.

The Most Stunning Ancient Villages in Greece

Greece has some true hidden gems when it comes to its ancient villages. Tourism has yet to spoil these towns that are steeped in history.