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University of Athens and Yale University to Offer Joint Degrees

The University of Athens and Yale University officially signed an agreement on Sunday that the two institutions would be offering a joint studies program to their students. The program will be open to undergraduates in environmental science and public health,...

Greek Anti-Vaxxer Assaults, Sues School Principal

A 37-year old anti-vaxxer father in a Thessaloniki suburb assaulted his son's female school principal on Tuesday for asking for the unvaccinated child's self test results before allowing him to enter school premises. Ioannis Sarigiannidis, who is a Covid denier,...

Afghan Refugee in Greece Awarded Scholarship to Study in US

Arezu, a young Afghan refugee living on the island of Lesvos, Greece, was awarded a scholarship to study in Boston recently. The 12-year-old girl fled Afghanistan with her family when she was just seven years old. Her mother, Mariam, was...

Greece Has the Lowest Pupil-Teacher Ratio in Europe

Greece has the lowest pupil-teacher ratio in the European Union with an average of 8.7 pupils per teacher, according to a study published by the EU's statistical body Eurostat on Tuesday. According to the study, the average number of pupils per...

Removal of Greek, Latin at Princeton Sparks Debate on Classics in the US

The recent decision by Princeton University to remove Greek and Latin requirements  for Classics majors to combat -- what it called -- institutional racism, has sparked a lively debate among academic circles in the US. In May, faculty members approved...

Greek Among Hardest Languages for English Speakers to Learn

Despite the fact that Greek roots are found throughout English, Greek is among the hardest languages for English speakers to learn.

84-Year-Old Engineering Graduate Makes Dreams Come True

Felipe Espinosa Tecuapetla, an 84-year-old former soldier and shopkeeper from Puebla, Mexico, has become a graduate in process engineering and industrial management. His success has proved that, despite your age, it is never too late to achieve your dreams and...

Children are Curious to Know: Who Were the Spartans?

Curious Kids, a website that posts inquiries made by the most curious of minds -- those of children -- recently found themselves answering a question posted by a young reader who wanted an expert to answer his question: “Who...

Why Fraternities and Sororities are Called “Greek Life”

Have you ever wondered why American college fraternities and sororities are referred to as "Greek life"? Why are they commonly named after the Greek alphabet? "Greek life" is a term for different exclusive societies--fraternities for men, sororities for women-- that...

Babylonians Used Pythagoras’ Math in 19th Century BC, Claims Archaeologist

An Australian archaeologist claims a 3700-BC Babylonian tablet shows the Pythagorean triple centuries before Pythagoras lived.

Students in Greece to Return to School Vaccinated or with Negative Test

Students and teachers in Greece will show proof of vaccination, antibodies, or test negative for the coronavirus to get back to classroom.

Unvaccinated Teachers Must Show Negative Tests to Enter Schools in Greece

Unvaccinated teachers in Greece will have to show a negative test or proof of Covid-19 antibodies to enter schools for the upcoming school year.

Young Refugee Teaches Greek Language to Kids Worldwide

A young Palestinian refugee on the Greek island of Leros has set up a page called “Learn Greek” on social media to teach the language.

Prof. John Kazazis of Aristotle University Dead by Suicide

Professor John Kazazis, the Head of the Center for Greek Language at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, has committed suicide by hanging at the age of 74. Kazazis' body was discovered on Tuesday in an office basement in Kalamaria, Thessaloniki....

“End of History” Author Francis Fukuyama Honored in Greece

Francis Fukuyama, the "End of History" author, an influential book of the 1990s, was honored in Greece by the University of West Attica