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Ancient Greece

The Golden Age of Greek Science

Greece had two golden ages. The legacies of Greek golden ages, especially in science, made Western civilization what we know today.

British Museum Hints at Lending the Parthenon Marbles to Greece

The new president of the British Museum, George Osborne, hinted that they may lend the Parthenon Marbles to Greece

Greece’s Famous Mountain Tea and its Ancient Secrets of Healing

Greeks are not known for their love for tea, as are for example the British, Russians and Turkish peoples are. However, when it comes to tea, the first variety that a Greek would think of is ''Chai tou vounou,"or...

Magnificent Golden Comb Made by Greek Master a Highlight of Hermitage

A magnificent sculpted golden comb made by a Greek sculptor, with a crest showing Scythian warriors in battle is one of the great treasures of the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. The golden ornament, known around the world as...

The Milesian School: Ancient Greece’s Pioneers of Philosophy

The Milesian School, a branch of pre-Socratic philosophy based in the Asia Minor town of Miletus in the sixth century BC, produced three thinkers who together formed the basis of the later Western scientific method. It is generally considered to...

Demosthenes, the Ancient Greek Orator and Politician

Demosthenes is considered the most important orator of antiquity and of all times, as many of his speeches were studied by students of rhetoric for centuries

How Ancient Greeks Harnessed Wind Power to Win the Battle of Salamis

New research from the Academy of Athens argues that the Greeks actually chose Salamis after studying the area's climactic conditions.

2,500-Year-Old Greek Helmet Found in Haifa, Israel

A Corinthian helmet from the Persian Wars that was found several years ago in Israel has recently been turned over to Israeli authorities.

The Greek Origins of Marseille, France’s Oldest City

The huge port city of Marseille, France was founded by Greeks back in 600 BC, when the first immigrants established a trading colony.

How Boxing Became a Popular Sport in Ancient Greece

Boxing in ancient Greece originated as a very tough sport, much harder than professional boxing as we know it today.

Roman-Era Iron Mask Found in Ancient City of Hadrianopouli

An 1,800-year-old iron mask from the ancient city of Hadrianopouli, Greece was discovered by archaeologists working a dig there this past Summer. Announced on Monday, the discovery of the iron mask was a revelation to the archaeologists, who have been...

Like Us, the Ancient Greeks Loved Their Dogs

Ancient Greeks had a great love and respect for their dogs, cherishing them as companions, protectors, and hunters.

The Oldest Photograph Ever to Be Taken of the Acropolis

French photographer and draughtsman Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey took the first-ever photograph of the Acropolis of Athens in 1842.

Eleusis, One of the Most Important Religious Sites in Ancient Greece

Eleusis, the site of the eponymous Eleusinian Mysteries, was the center of worship for the goddess Demeter and her daughter Persephone, who returned to the Underworld every year in the Autumn. The mysteries celebrated in honour of these goddesses were...

The Secrets of the Ancient Neighborhood Beneath the Acropolis

The ancient neighborhood beneath the Acropolis Musum reveals life in ancient Athens long before the Parthenon and the sculptures on the Acropolis