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Ancient Greek “School Yearbook” Discovered on Stone

An ancient Greek inscription on a marble slab that was recently found in storage at a Scottish museum is a “graduate school yearbook” with a list of Greek names, historians say. Experts analyzed the stone, which has been stored in...

The Greek Island of Delos: Where Mythology and History Come Alive

When you want to escape to an Greek island which can transport you back to the times of the ancient Greek gods, look no further than Delos.

The End of Humanity According to Ancient Greek Mythology

According to ancient Greek mythology, there are five ages known as "The Ages of Man," during which time humanity reaches its peak and then comes to an end. Hesiod, the Ancient Greek poet, is the most important source for information...

Santorini Boasts First Painting of Nature Scene in European Art History

The Spring Fresco found at the Late Bronze Age site of Akrotiri in Santorini is considered to be the first painting of a nature scene in European art history

The Naming Customs of Greece, From Ancient Times to Today

Although you may know a fair bit about Greek naming customs today, there are name traditions which go all the way back to Ancient Greece

Minoans’ Sophisticated Diet Included Imported Spices From Asia

The Minoans were a remarkable people with a civilization far advanced for its time in many ways with artwork and palaces replete with riches beyond description; now, we know that their diet was as rich and varied as their...

For Ancient Greeks Our Modern Democracy is an Oligarchy

To ancient Greeks, our modern democracy would count as “oligarchy”. The rule of and by the few, as opposed to the power of the people.

Spartan General Pausanias: A Traitor or Just Unpopular?

Spartan general Pausanias lived a life which encapsulated the Ancient Greek city state, killed by his own people for allegedly betraying it.

The Sword of Damocles: Why Great Power Comes with Great Danger

The story of the "Sword of Damocles" is one of the most well-known from ancient Greek history, and it perfectly illustrates the dangers that come with taking on a massive amount of power. The story, which may or may not...

What Are the Pillars of Hercules Mentioned in Greek Mythology?

The Pillars of Hercules appear in ancient Greek mythology in a variety of different settings. They are mentioned in the context of Atlantis, various quests, and of course, in the stories of Hercules himself. They are even mentioned in...

Alexander the Great’s Sister, Thessalonike, and the Mermaid Legend

Alexander the Great's sister, Thessalonike of Macedon, was a remarkable figure. Outliving her half-brother, she would go on to become the queen of Macedon through marriage to one of Alexander's generals, Cassander. During his conquests, Alexander the Great named a...

Greece Created Five of Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Ancient Greece, the cradle of Western civilization, was responsible for creating five of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

The Influence of Ancient Greece on Buddhism

Although Ancient Greece and Buddhism seem to be completely unrelated, Ancient Greek thought and aesthetics actually had a major influence on the Eastern religion by which, in turn, Greek philosophy was also impacted. Buddhism originated in ancient India at some...

Ancient Greek Coin Sells for a Record $6M at Swiss Auction

A rare ancient Greek coin broke records earlier this month when it was sold for $6 million at an auction in Switzerland. A private collector acquired the 2,400-year-old gold stater, which was minted approximately between 340 and 25 BC. It...

Five Ancient Greek Mysteries that Remain Unsolved

Ancient Greek history is one of the most intensely studied periods of human history, and yet a multitude of mysteries associated with this enigmatic civilization remain unsolved. Of course, modern archaeologists and historians have a wealth of sources to work...