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What the World Can Learn From Greece’s Passion for the Arts

The Greek model of supporting the arts is both old and ongoing; it embraces difference and internationalism and believes art is the cornerstone to civil society. We should learn from that model.

Artist Jeff Koons Displays Artwork on Greek Island of Hydra

Jeff Koons, one of the world's most famous contemporary artist, adorned the Greek island of Hydra with his own version of an ancient Greek temple of Apollo. The iconic American artist transformed the Slaughterhouse, an art space located just outside...

Phryne: The Ancient Greek Courtesan Who Disrobed For Her Freedom

Phryne the Thespian was a notable ancient Greek hetaira, or courtesan, of Athens, who is remembered throughout the millennia for her dramatic trial which she won by baring her naked body. Her real name name was Mnesarete, but people referred...

The Myth of Daphne, Who Chose Eternal Silence Over Sexual Assault

This ancient myth of Daphne, in which the nymph transforms herself into a tree to escape the lustful attention of the god Apollo, has inspired countless retellings in art. Its themes resonate today. 

Mt. Athos Monks Decorate NYC’s St Nicholas Shrine

Two Greek Orthodox Monks from the isolated monastic community of Mt. Athos were sent to New York City to decorate the rebuilt St Nicholas Shrine, the only church to be demolished in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. After an...

The Greek Jeweler that Created the Bulgari Fashion Empire

Bulgari, also known as BVLGARI within fashion circles, is an iconic luxury brand thanks to its high quality jewelry, watches, and accessories

The Athens and Epidaurus Festival Keeps Ancient Greek Theater Alive

Each year, actors, directors, and theater lovers from around the world come to Greece to participate in the Athens and Epidaurus Festival. One of Europe's oldest continuously running festivals, the event revives one of Greece's most ancient and revered arts—theater. The...

The Nine Muses of Greek Mythology and Their Powers

According to ancient writers and Greek mythology, the muses are the sources of inspiration for the arts and knowledge. They are the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosine and the romantic companions of Apollo's entourage.

Santorini’s Master Potter on the Timeless Art of Greece

The Greek islands are home to remarkable people who are more self-reliant and enterprising than their compatriots who live on the mainland.

The Story of “Greece on the Ruins of Missolonghi” Masterpiece

Painted in 1826 by Eugène Delacroix, the leading French Romantic painter of the day, Greece on the Ruins of Missolonghi is one of the most celebrated French paintings of the 19th century. It was produced shortly after the event it...

Mesmerizing Concert at the Ancient Greek Ruins of Delos

The sacred, uninhabited Greek island of Delos hosted a spectacular classical concert featuring Ukrainian, Russian, and Greek musicians on Monday. This concert was the first of its kind since antiquity to take place on the island, which is full of...

Iris, the Greek Goddess of the Rainbow

Iris, the Greek goddess of the rainbow, also served as a messenger of the gods. Although now a little known member of the pantheon, Iris was a prominent figure in many ancient myths and is now even a character...

Greek Mythology Photographer Makes Mortals into Gods

Currently Leanne Vorrias is traveling back to antiquity to capture gods and mortals in adventures of Greek myth. adventures.

Greek Island of Delos to Host First Concert After Thousands of Years

The sacred, uninhabited Greek island of Delos will host a concert featuring Ukrainian, Russian, and Greek musicians on Monday, May 30, 2022. This concert will be the first of its kind to take place on the island, which is full...

The Stunning Roman-Era Thessaloniki Mosaics

A stunning "Mosaic of Summer" is being displayed digitally by the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, it was announced Saturday.