We are always searching for people around the globe that are proud of their Greek heritage, or are involved in their local Greek communities, to contribute articles and news stories to our site. If you are interested, please contact us.

Greek Reporter is the leading international Greek news network reaching a prominent international audience of more than 10 million via all its platforms. Greek Reporter was founded by Anastasios Papapostolou in 2008, in California. Working with journalists, photographers, camera crews and contributors in the largest Greek centers around the globe, we are the Greek news source for everything that matters from all around the world. The saying, “There is another Greece outside of Greece,” is something that we strongly believe in.

Until 2008, when Greek Reporter was launched, there was no other Greek news source on the web, in print or on television that covered Greeks abroad and the Greek presence around the globe. We also present and introduce you to many successful Greeks of diaspora that have made a difference in their professions as well as pride ourselves in delivering breaking news updates first.

There are many different Greek media outlets in various countries that work separately, but they cater to the needs of the local population. Today, we need something glocal (global+local), and Greek Reporter achieves this by operating different local portals that inform on a global level  – Hollywood, USA, Australia, Canada, Europe, World, Greece – and can be visited from the main page of our site. We are proud of our brand name in the news business and we are happy to see it recognized by millions of readers around the globe.

More than news

Greek Reporter is not just news, but also a community of all its readers. We have pledged that, as an organization that reports the news, we will try within our means to work on some of the issues we report on. This is why very often, Greek Reporter helps organizations, through media sponsorships, to grow their base and spread awareness for their cause.

Also, Greek Reporter takes pride in certain initiatives we have created to help Greece and Hellenism around the globe.