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The Greek Story in America Is Older Than You Think

Histories often conform to a narrative, which is often simplified or edited for reasons of brevity or emphasis. The typical Greek-American historical narrative will focus on the mass immigration of generally impoverished Greeks to the United States in the...

Dekemvriana: Ground Zero in the Greek Civil War

December 3, 1944 saw one of the bloodiest and most polarizing incidents in the history of the Greek civil war. Known as "Dekemvriana" (from December, the month it began), the Athens incident has come to characterize the period of...

Iannis Xenakis, the Greek Composer Who Revolutionized Music

Greek composer Iannis Xenakis has an enduring legacy as one of the foremost composers of avant-garde music in the twentieth century.

Crete Celebrates Union With Greece on December 1st

On December 1, 1913, the island of Crete was officially integrated into the Greek state after Sultan Mehmet V had finally relinquished all sovereignty over the island exactly a month earlier. Crete's liberation from Ottoman rule was the result of...

Trahana: Greece’s Healthy Comfort Food Will Warm You Up

Trachanas is a staple Greek recipe ready in minutes, filling, and full of vitamins. However, the process of making it actually takes months.

Top Mythological Sites in Greece

There is something about Greece that sets it apart from many other holiday destinations across the globe; its mythological sites.

How Sophia Loren Made Hollywood Fall in Love With Greece

Sophia Loren, the great Italian actress, was the star of the first Hollywood movie ever shot in Greece, on the majestic island of of Hydra.

The Scholars Who Deciphered the Ancient Greek Script Linear B

If not for the incredible determination and talent of two scholars, Alice Kober and Michael Ventris, the ancient Greek script Linear B would likely remain a mystery today. While many linguists and archaeologists contributed to the decipherment of the script,...

Top 7 Christmas Destinations in Greece for 2022

Greece has amazing destinations for Christmas. Although it is globally known for its warm, sunny summers, white sand beaches, and crystal-clear waters, the country offers much more. The surprisingly diverse landscape of Greece provides countless opportunities, all the way from...

18-Million-Year Old Petrified Trees Unearthed on Lesvos, Greece

Excavations for rainwater drainage pipes brought to light fourteen more petrified trees in the Petrified Forest on the island of Lesvos. "The trunks were in a very good state of preservation—they are impressive logs laid on successive strata, one above...

Top Baby Names Inspired by Greek Mythology

Baby names inspired by Greek history and mythology are gaining popularity in the United States. The cast of gods and goddesses of Roman and Greek myth offers a treasure trove of baby name ideas. From Athena to Zeus, you might...

Shopping Street in Greece the 14th Most Expensive in the World

Ermou Street in Athens ranks as the fourteenth most expensive shopping street worldwide, proving that brick and mortar shops are making a post-pandemic comeback. During the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping boomed. It generated billions of dollars in profits. Globally, these...

The Magic of Greek Dancing: The Greatest Traditional Dances

Thursday is International Dance Day and how better to celebrate than by discovering five of the most popular Greek dances! 

Gorgopotamos: The Greatest Moment of Greek Resistance to the Nazis

The blowing up of the Gorgopotamos bridge on November 25, 1942 stands as the greatest moment of Greece's resistance during World War II.

The Electric Car Produced in Greece Decades Before Elon Musk’s Tesla

An electric car that was built on Greece's island of Syros in the 1970s was one of the world's first mass-produced electric cars. Decades before Elon Musk’s Tesla, the Enfield 8000, built at Neorio, Syros, was the brainchild of the...