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The Minoan Civilization Featured in Greek Mythology

The Minoan civilization was one of the most prominent civilizations in the Bronze Age. This was also the era in which the Greeks first clearly emerged as a distinct people. Unsurprisingly, this important civilization right at the start of...

How Ancient Greek Knowledge Was Saved by the Islamic Golden Age

The Islamic Golden Age was a period during which science, literature, geometry, astronomy, and other fields of knowledge flourished from the eighth to the thirteenth century. Without the scholars of this period, who translated the works of the Ancient...

Hydra Island, Where the Modern Greek Merchant Marine Began

Most Greeks have substantial familiarity with the graphically gorgeous island of Hydra due to the island's protagonist role in the epic struggle of the Greek War of Independence. Most non-Greeks familiar with the island know it as a place of...

The Greatest Quotes of Ancient Greek Stoic Philosophers

Stoicism was one of the philosophical movements of the Hellenistic period, founded by Zeno of Citium in Athens in the early 3rd century BC

Homer’s Iliad, the Story of the Trojan War

Homer’s Iliad is usually thought of as the first work of European literature—and many would say it is the greatest. It tells part of the saga of the city of Troy and the war that took place there. In...

The Greek Alphabet and Its Surprising Connection to Egyptian Hieroglyphics

While the history of the alphabet of a particular language may not be of interest to many, it was quite significant to the Greeks. Lots of ancient Greek records contain stories about how they got their alphabet. It was...

Kissing in Ancient Greece: A Greeting and Sign of Respect

In ancient Greece, kissing was not considered strictly romantic or intimate; rather, kissing was a often a greeting between acquaintances.

John Gilbert: The First African-American Archaeologist Was Fascinated with Athens

John Wesley Gilbert, the son of slaves, became a renowned archaeologist and the first Black man to receive an advanced degree from Brown University.

Oldest Wooden Structure Half a Million Years Old Discovered in Africa

Archaeologists have made a fascinating discovery of the oldest wooden structure that sheds new light on our history. They've found evidence that humans were using wood to build things much earlier than we originally believed and as early as...

Ancient Greek Oracles vs Jewish Prophets

Scholars have often compared ancient Greek oracles with the writings of Jewish Prophets, with the differences being distinctive

Last Meal of Iron Age Mummy Revealed

The Tollund Man, an unfortunate victim of human sacrifice in Iron Age Denmark, is a "bog body," one of a group of remarkably-well preserved ancient mummies.

Cities Around the Globe Founded by Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great , who lived from July 356 BC to 10/11 June, 323 BC, was an intrepid conqueror and a brilliant military general.

The Life of Heinrich Schliemann, the Discoverer of Troy

Archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann was a larger-than-life figure, discovering Troy in what is now Hisarlik, in modern-day Turkey.

Ancient Child’s Shoe With Laces Discovered

A remarkable find in Austria has revealed an ancient child's shoe that is more than two thousand years old and still has its laces! Experts at the German Mining Museum Bochum-Leibniz Research Museum for Geo-resources have concluded that this...

1400-Year-Old Gold Foil Figures Discovered in Pagan Temple in Norway

In a recent development in Vingrom, located to the south of Lillehammer by Lake Mjøsa in Norway, archaeologists have unearthed a remarkable collection of tiny gold objects. These gold pieces no bigger than a fingernail and as thin as...