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A Greek Vacation Dilemma: The Ionian Islands or the Cyclades?

With the coming of Winter soon, it will be time for hopeful travelers to face one of the most pleasant dilemmas in planning next year's vacation: Should I visit the islands of the Ionian Sea or the Aegean? It is...

Mykonos vs Santorini: The Ultimate Battle of the Greek Giants

Mykonos and Santorini are the absolute giants when it comes to a holiday on the Greek islands. Pictures of the two islands are often on the cover of tourist guides to Greece, while  the names of famous people who...

Giant Waterspout Spotted Off Greek Island of Kythera

A waterspout formed off the coast of the island of Kythera on Monday. A waterspout is a cylindrical vortex that forms over water and connects to the clouds in the sky. Waterspouts are typically known as "sea-tornadoes." These rotating winds...

This Santorini Gem Tops the List of World’s Most Beautiful Villages

The village of Oia on the Greek island of Santorini has topped the list of the world's most beautiful villages, Uswitch reported on Tuesday. Uswitch data from across social media to determine which scenic villages were the favorites amongst visitors....

Avoid the Crowds on These Tranquil Greek Islands

How would you like to visit a beautiful Greek island inhabited by fewer than 200 people? Some of the islands we are about to look at have so few people, that the mode of transportation is by donkey, not...

Profile of 10 Breathtaking Little-known Greek Islands

The Greek islands are famous for their beauty. Some of them are synonymous of summer holidays and they are very popular tourist destinations globally. However, there are some other islands which are not so well known that can satisfy...

‘All for Blue’ Environmental Group Keeps Greek Seas Blue

The environmental group All for Blue, active for 10 years, has removed 32 tons of waste from the Greek islands since 2018.

Milos: a Dazzling Cycladic Treasure

Milos is a volcanic island, and is the south-westernmost island in the Cyclades group.

The Unexpected Reason the Greek Island of Amorgos was Trending

The stunning Greek island of Amorgos is currently trending online, and not for its rugged natural beauty and secluded beaches, but for its name.

How Sophia Loren Made Hollywood Fall in Love with Greece

Sophia Loren, the great Italian actress, was the star of the first Hollywood movie ever shot in Greece, on the majestic island of of Hydra.