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Netflix to Introduce Ads by End of 2022

Streaming giant Netflix is set to introduce a lower-cost subscription tier that includes ads, the company told its employees. The service is known to be completely ad-free, unlike competitor Hulu, but recent hikes in prices and drops in subscribers have...

Desert Monks: The Orthodox Brotherhood of Saint Anthony in Arizona

In 1995, six Orthodox monks left Mount Athos in Greece and came to the US to start Saint Anthony Orthodox Monastery in the Arizona desert.

Thanasis Veggos: Remembering the Best Greek Comedy Actor

When Thanasis Veggos passed away on May 3, 2011, Greek cinema lost one of its most talented actors, one who with a single facial expression could epitomize the poverty, misery, and resilience of post-war Greece. In his long career in...

“Man of God” Premieres in USA

"Man of God" a film centered on the life of St. Nektarios became an unexpected hit in the US. The film was only shown in select theaters on March 21, and was originally meant to be released for one night...

Greeks in Panama: A Small But Thriving Community in Latin America

Greeks are indeed everywhere, even in the tiny Central American nation of Panama where a small Greek community has made great positive impact.

Meet the Only Greek Coffee Grower in Colombia

Greek Coffee grower DImitrios Christopoulos arrived in Colombia a few years ago, without knowing anything about coffee.

Antikythera Island: The Peaceful Paradise at the Edge of the Aegean Sea

The isolated Greek island of Antikythera, lying at the edge of the Aegean Sea between Crete and the Peloponnese, is like paradise.

The Greeks of Cairo: The Fascinating Bond Between Greece and Egypt

The small, but vibrant, community of Greeks, with roots deep in history, remains in the Egyptian capital of Cairo to this day.

Mastiha: The Unique Mastic Gum of Chios People Call ‘White Gold’

Mastic, often referred to as the "Tears of Chios" or the "White Gold of Chios," is a product produced only on that particular Greek island. Since antiquity, this sticky resin, which seeps from the bark of mastic trees, has...

Journalist Reveals Legacy of British Rule, Turkish Invasion on Cyprus

Johnny Harris, an independent American journalist and filmmaker, recently released his first video in a four-part series about the history of Cyprus, including the enduring legacy of British colonialism and the tragic impact of the Turkish invasion of the...

Giorgos Hatziparaskos: The Last Phyllo Master of Greece

Hidden in the quiet backstreets of the old town of Rethymno on the Greek island of Crete, a plethora of long-time gone traditions still keep their magic alive. Inside ancient workshops, artisans, craftsmen, and even lutists still treasure the...

The Greek Actor Who Became a Star in Uganda, Africa

A Greek actor and photographer has been making a name for himself in Africa, where he has become a breakout star.

The Greek Marijuana Expert of Hollywood

Toula Poulopoulos, a Greek-American from Chicago, has become a marijuana expert in West Hollywood, California.

Sister Nectaria: The Only Greek in Kolkata Is Mother to Thousands

A Greek Orthodox nun in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), India has become a symbol of the eternal fight against poverty, illiteracy, child trafficking and prostitution in the city. Sister Nectaria Paridisi, by most accounts the only Greek individual left in Kolkata,...

The Greek Priest Building Schools in Africa

Father Antonios Mutyaba is not your usual Greek priest. He is responsible for the education of hundreds of children in Uganda, East Africa.