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Greek Food

Foodies Alert: 5 Best Traditional Santorini Dishes to Try

When tourists visit the Greek Island of Santorini, they are often surprised by the unique traditional dishes that are served by the locals at tavernas and restaurants.

Unique Watermelon Recipes That are Perfect for Summer in Greece

While delicious on their own, watermelons are also a perfect addition to a number of refreshing recipes that transport you right to Greece.

Paximadia: the Cretan Greek Superfood

Paximadia -- the hard Cretan rusk now enjoyed all over Greece -- takes thrift and turns it into a delicious and healthy snack.

Retsina – The 2,000-Year Old Wine Synonymous with Greek Summer

Retsina is a refreshing Greek wine with a long history dating back to over 2,000 years. The beloved drink is linked to the warm summer months in the country. While it is enjoyed year round, there is no doubt that...

Greece is Heaven for Vegetarians

Greece offers vegetarians a large variety of highly nutritional, tasty dishes to choose from. Using fresh ingredients, prepared with age-old recipes, Greek cuisine is full of delightful surprises for which your taste buds will be thankful. Greek cuisine is based...

Conquests of Alexander the Great Left Traces in Modern Cuisine

Alexander the Great had an enormous influence on the cultures of the ancient world as a result of his military campaigns across the Near East.

Koxlioi: The Traditional Escargot Dish of Crete

Koxlioi, or snails, are a traditional Cretan dish that Chef Mavrakis of Kritamon restaurant has chosen to explore and reimagine the recipe.

How Greeks Brought 50 Kinds of Pie to America

Although Greek food is known and loved around the world, one specific type of traditional food, the Greek pie, holds a special place in the country’s cuisine, as it is among the oldest, simplest, and most delicious dishes found...

Oldest Recipe Found in Egypt is Written in Greek

The oldest written recipe found in Egypt is dated approximately the year 300 AD and it was written on papyrus in the Greek language.

Hunting for Truffles in Greece

Hunting for truffles in Greece has been a trend for over 15 years now, as more and more Greeks seek the delicious underground mushroom

Santorini Wines Owe their Exceptional Quality to Island’s Volcano

Santorini's wines are world-famous for their exceptional quality and unique character, while the island's vineyards are the oldest in Greece

Spoon Sweets: A Historic Gesture of Greek Hospitality

The delicious age-old tradition in Greece of offering "spoon sweets" to visitors goes way back to the fourteenth century.

Why Did Ancient Greeks Recline to Eat and Drink?

Surviving images on countless works of art, including pottery, frescoes, wine cups, and sculptures, frequently depict ancient Greeks reclining on one side to eat and drink at a symposium. The habit of reclining to dine in ancient Greece began at...

How Lamb, Chocolate, and Eggs Became Easter Traditions

Around Greece, people are gearing up to celebrate Easter with friends and family. While many Greek Easter celebrations are unique to the country, there are some elements of the feast day that are shared with many cultures: lamb, chocolate,...

Tsoureki: The Traditional Sweet Bread of Greek Easter

Tsoureki (τσουρέκι in Greek) is the traditional sweet yeast bread Greeks make every year on Holy Thursday which is then consumed on Easter Sunday. Early in the morning on Holy Thursday throughout Greece, women start kneading the dough for the...