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Greek Food

The Incredibly Diverse – And Healthy – Diet of the Ancient Greeks

The diet of the ancient Greeks is fascinating for so many reasons, and they had impressively varied eating habits.

Nostalgic Greek Sweets and Treats from Bygone Days

Greek sweets are famously decadent and delicious. There are a number of traditional sweets that remind Greeks of bygone days when kids enjoyed carnivals and fairs. Old lady's hair, or cotton candy Old lady's hair is a timeless treat that is...

Unraveling the Mystery of Longevity on Ikaria, Greece

Ikaria, a beautiful island located in the eastern Aegean, may look similar to any other Greek islands, but there is one vital difference.

Ancient Greeks were Gourmands with a Preference for Fish

Ancient Greeks were gourmands and particularly fond of large fresh fish and eel, according to research headed by zooarchaeologist Dr. Demetra Mylona. The zooarchaeologist, who does research for the Institute of Aegean Prehistory Study Center for East Crete, is collecting...

Frappe or Freddo: The Battle of the Famous Greek Iced Coffees

Frappe and Freddo are more than just iced coffee drinks in Greece. They are a way of life! Drinking iced coffee all year round is something that Greeks savor immensely. The habit of drinking iced coffee throughout the year is...

Foodies Look No Further—Here’s a Modern Twist on Greek Moussaka

Moussaka is a favorite Greek dish, and it is the perfect summer platter for your foodie gatherings. There are many creative modern twists on moussaka that any foodie can appreciate. Get ready to take notes to serve up your favorite...

The Sweet History of the Oldest Bougatsa Shop in Chania, Crete

In Chania, the famous Iordanis has been baking fresh Bougatsa - the Greek sweet filo pastry - since 1922.

Meze: Small Greek Dishes that are Perfect for Food Lovers

In Greece great food isn't hard to come by; however, have you ever considered making a meal out of delicious Greek meze, or small plates, and accompanied by the perfect complimentary Greek drink? Meze, or mezedes in the plural, can...

Ancient Greek Drink Salepi Made from One Thousand Orchids

Outside of Asia Minor and the Balkans, it is rare to hear about this ancient concoction, precisely because it is so very characteristic of these countries. By Giorgio Pintzas Monzani This is the sixth in a series of stories on the...

The Aristotle Menu: Eat Like an Ancient Greek Philosopher

According to Aristotle, the world was based on five elements—earth, fire, water, air, and ether. Culinary professor Giorgos Palisidis has now created what he calls the "Aristotelian Menu," based on foods and ingredients from northern Greece, the birthplace of...

Artichokes: The 3,000-Year-Old Greek Superfood

The artichoke is one of the oldest known Greek superfoods, with many powerful medicinal properties, while it is also used in delicious recipes

The Story of Greek Ice Cream: The Essential Summertime Treat

What is the history of ice cream, the perfect summertime treat, in Greece?

Ten Greek Superfoods You Need In Your Diet

Greek cuisine is full of nutrient-rich superfoods.

Why Greek Olive Oil is the Best in the World

Greek olive oil is synonymous with Greek tradition, a healthy diet and its rich history, Called  “Liquid Gold," it epitomizes the country.

Mediterranean, Vegetarian, or Vegan—Which Diet is Best for the Planet?

The effect of five widespread diets, including the Mediterranean, vegetarian, and vegan on our planet was examined by a team of Australian scientists. The team argues that the vegetarian diet may be better for the planet, but the Mediterranean...