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Greek Food

Why the Greek Diet is the World’s Healthiest

The Greek diet is regarded as one of the healthiest in the world because it's based largely on fruit and vegetables, whole grains, fish, and a small amount of cheese and yogurt. When many people think of Greek food, pastitso,...

Archestratus: The Ancient Greek Gourmand on the Secrets of Gastronomy

Archestratus, an ancient Greek poet and philosopher in the mid 4th century BCE from Sicily, is often referred to as the Father of Gastronomy.

Is Eating Octopus Moral? Alexander Payne Calls on Greeks to Stop Habit

Acclaimed filmmaker Alexander Payne sparked a heated debate in Greece after recently pronouncing the killing and consumption of octopus to be immoral. The Greek-American director, who became a Greek citizen in February, said during an interview with the Greek daily...

Greek Cuisine Ranked Number Two in the World

Greek cuisine has been ranked second among the world’s fifty best cuisines with Italy placing first and Spain placing third, according to a list prepared by The World TasteAtlas. According to the publication, each country's rating is obtained by the...

The Endless Variety of Greek Pies, or Pitas

Greek pies, or "pites," hold a special place in this Mediterranean cuisine, as they are among the oldest, simplest and most delicious dishes.

Ouzo, The Spirit of the Greek Summer

The anise-flavored drink Ouzo is deeply connected with the nation of Greece. It is simply the spirit of Greek summer which no one can copy.

Former US VP Dan Quayle Enjoys Greek Seafood in Mykonos

Former US Vice President Dan Quayle was spotted enjoying a night out at the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos, Greece on Wednesday. Quayle, the 44th vice president from 1989 to 1993 under President George H. W. Bush, dined at the Appagio restaurant...

The Ancient Greek Roots of Feta, The Oldest Cheese in Recorded History

Feta is the soft white “king” of Greek cheeses, renowned around the world. Its origins can be traced back to ancient times as the first mention of the famous cheese is as old as Homer's Odyssey. In fact, it's...

Ancient Greek Historian Plutarch One of the First Vegetarians

Plutarch could be considered one of the first outspoken vegetarians in the West, as he believed that it is "immoral" to eat animal flesh.

Why Greek Yogurt Is Considered the Best in the World

There has been an astronomic rise in the demand for Greek yogurt outside of its home country due to its taste and health benefits.

The Fascinating History of Greek Loukoumia, or Turkish Delights

Greek loukoumia, or Turkish delights, hold an important place in the world of Greek sweets.

Don’t Tell the Italians—It was Greeks Who Invented Pizza

Pizza, the delicious flat bread that comes out of the oven topped with melted cheese and other yummy ingredients.

Foodies Alert: 5 Best Traditional Santorini Dishes to Try

When tourists visit the Greek Island of Santorini, they are often surprised by the unique traditional dishes that are served by the locals at tavernas and restaurants.

Unique Watermelon Recipes That are Perfect for Summer in Greece

While delicious on their own, watermelons are also a perfect addition to a number of refreshing recipes that transport you right to Greece.

Paximadia: the Cretan Greek Superfood

Paximadia -- the hard Cretan rusk now enjoyed all over Greece -- takes thrift and turns it into a delicious and healthy snack.