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Greece on High Alert as New Storms Approach

A meeting to prepare for a new wave of stormy weather in Greece took place at the Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Ministry on Sunday afternoon. All relevant ministries, local government authorities, security forces and representatives of the National Meteorological...

Stefanos Kasselakis is the New Leader of SYRIZA

Stefanos Kasselakis is the new SYRIZA-PA leader after winning the second round ballot over Efi Achtsioglou on Sunday's party election

Ancient Greek Philosophers Brought to Life by AI

Ancient Greek scientists and philosophers are brought back to life and tell their stories in this captivating video produced through Artificial Intelligence (AI). Equator AI created the video using the latest artificial intelligence technology to bring these great thinkers to...

Greek Tennis Star Maria Sakkari Wins Guadalajara Open

Greek tennis star Maria Sakkari  beat American Caroline Dolehide in the Guadalajara Open final on Saturday to win her first WTA 1000 crown

Missing Italian Man Who Left Suicide Note Found in Greece 10 Years Later

A missing Italian man who disappeared from his home 10 years ago, leaving behind only a suicide note, has been found alive and well in Greece

108-Year-Old Greek Yiayia Prays For the Whole World Every Day

At 108 years of age, a Greek yiayia, or grandmother, named Anthi Katsouli stands in her yard every single day and prays for the entire world. Born in the village of Katarraktis in the region of Arta in Epirus in...

The Golden Age of Ancient Greek Science

Greece had two golden ages. The legacies of Greek golden ages, especially in science, made Western civilization what we know today.

The Times Name Greece as Top Fall Destination

The Times suggest Greece as a great Fall destination, away from the established tourist hot spots and the high season crowds. “From the shores of the mainland to the sandy beaches and coves of its myriad islands and islets, Greece...

New Indo-European Language Discovered in Ancient City of Hattusa

An unknown Indo-European language found on a clay tablet inside a Hittite ritual text has been discovered during an excavation in Hattusa, the ancient capital of the Hittite Empire. The Hittite Empire was one of the great powers of Western...

The Steam Engine Created by Ancient Greeks That Was Used As a Toy

Heron of Alexandria was a brilliant ancient Greek inventor who was ahead of his time and created a prototype of a steam engine. This unique mechanism was perhaps too modern for its epoch and remained unappreciated. It was mainly used...

The Liberation of Tripolitsa in the Greek War of Independence

The siege of Tripolitsa, Greece (today's city of Tripolis) was a pivotal moment in the Greek War of Independence, and it remains a point of contention between Greeks and Turks, as reflected in the way it is portrayed by...

Greek Airport Traffic to Reach Record High in 2023

Greek airport traffic reached a record high in 2023, despite the devastating fires and deadly floods in the past two months

Menendez, Colleagues Introduce Sanction Over Nagorno-Karabakh

US Senator Bob Menendez, SFRC Chairman, and bipartisan colleagues introduced the bipartisan Supporting Armenians Against Azerbaijani Aggression Act

Maria Pentagiotissa, the First Femme Fatale of Modern Greece

The story of Maria Pentagiotissa contains all the elements of an urban legend, yet she was a real person and some consider her to be the first femme fatale in modern Greece. Maria Daskalopoulou is said to have been born...

Hydra Island, Where the Modern Greek Merchant Marine Began

Most Greeks have substantial familiarity with the graphically gorgeous island of Hydra due to the island's protagonist role in the epic struggle of the Greek War of Independence. Most non-Greeks familiar with the island know it as a place of...