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Cyrene: The Stunning Ancient Greek City of Libya

Cyrene was an ancient Greek and later Roman city in Libya. It was the oldest and most important of the five Greek cities in the region.

Denmark to Send Immigrants to Rwanda

Rather than allowing immigrants to live in Denmark, they will be sent to Rwanda, where Danish officials will manage their asylum cases. In a joint declaration on bilateral cooperation, the two nations stated that they were  “exploring the establishment of...

George Bizos: The Greek Lawyer Who Saved Nelson Mandela

George Bizos, the Greek-South African human rights lawyer, who died on September 9, 2020, fought apartheid and saved Nelson Mandela from a death sentence. Along with serving as Nelson Mandela’s lawyer, George Bizos was also one of the three writers...

2000 Year Old Fetus Found Inside Egyptian Mummy

A 2000-year-old fetus was discovered in the belly of an Egyptian mummy by Polish reseachers recently, the first time in history that such a find has ever been recorded. The Warsaw Mummy Project, headed by bio-archeologist Marzena Ożarek-Szilke from the...

Volcano, Climate Change Caused Destruction of Greek City in Egypt

The hiatus in Berenike, a Hellenistic city in Egypt, was a combination of volcanic eruptions and drought, scientists say

Fire in Egypt Church Kills 41, Injures Dozens

At least 40 people have died and dozens were injured after a fire broke out at a church in the city of Giza, Egypt. 

Tuskless Female Elephants Evolving in Response to Poaching

In a completely unforeseen but welcome development as conservationists try to stop the poaching of elephants for their ivory tusks, tuskless female elephants are now evolving in a national park in Mozambique. However, this otherwise hopeful story doesn't end there,...

Largest Pink Diamond in 300 Years Discovered in Angola

A big Pink Diamond dubbed Lulo Rose has been discovered in the central African country of Angola, and it’s claimed to be the largest in the last 300 years. The rare 170-carat stone was found at the Lulo alluvial diamond...

The Greek Pioneers Who Dug the Suez Canal

Greece has been connected to the Suez Canal since it was first envisioned as a pie-in-the-sky project in the mid-nineteenth century.

Trophy Hunter who Killed Lions and Elephants is Shot Dead in South Africa

An enthusiastic trophy hunter who slaughtered lions and elephants was shot dead in South Africa on Monday after his truck broke down at Kruger National Park wildlife reserve. The 55-year-old Riaan Naude was gunned down at close range when a...

The Turbulent Story of Greeks in South Africa

Greeks in South Africa managed to rise socially and prosper, with several of them becoming very successful and wealthy.

Meet the Greek Educator Turned Author in Africa

“When you come to Africa, you think you will change her -- but she changes you. You learn about yourself, you redefine your values”

Oldest Recipe Found in Egypt is Written in Greek

The oldest written recipe found in Egypt is dated approximately the year 300 AD and it was written on papyrus in the Greek language.

Vlahakis: The Greek Tribe of Africa

The name Vlahakis is widespread in Zambia, thanks to a brave Greek man from the island of Crete called Nikolaos Vlahakis who arrived in southern Africa at the end of the 19th century. His descendants, who are members of the...

George Stravelakis: The Enslaved Greek who Became Ruler of Tunisia

George Stravelakis, sometimes called "Halkias," was an enslaved Greek man from the island of Chios who rose to become the Prime Minister of Tunisia in the 1860s. By Antonis Chaldeos Stravelakis was born in 1817 on the island of Chios. During the...