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Greek Assyrians Search for Justice a Century After Ottoman Pogrom

The Greek Assyrian minority in northern Iraq was driven from the oil-rich area of Mosul in the 1910s after a pogrom launched by the Ottomans

Copy of the Gospel Written in Greek Found in Mosul, Iraq

A rare copy of the Gospel, handwritten in Greek and translated into Aramaic, was found in the debris of a destroyed Orthodox church in Mosul, Iraq, the Association of Orthodox Journalists reported recently. According to the Orthodoxia News Agency, the...

Erdogan Outlines Turkey's Expansionist Policies From Mosul to Western Thrace [video]

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave what seemed like a prelude to war while speaking at a Turkish University. He said that "Turkey isn't just Turkey," adding that apart from its 79 million citizens there were hundreds of thousands...

ISIS Destroys Oldest Orthodox Monastery in Iraq

The Monastery of Agios Ilias (St Elijah) in Mosul which operated as a place of worship for Orthodox Christians in the region for over 1400 years was completely destroyed by the Islamic State. This was confirmed by new satellite...