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Two Popular Greek Islands During the Tough 2020 Tourist Season

The most popular Greek islands for the past summer weren't Mykonos or Santorini. The stunning Greek islands of Skyros and Serifos found themselves thriving through the difficult -- some would say brutal -- 2020 tourist season by appealing to...

President of FAGE, Who Brought Greek Yogurt to the World, Dead At 82

The president of the iconic Greek yogurt company FAGE, Kyriakos Filippou, passed away on Monday evening. Filippou was a visionary who helped propel FAGE through its international expansion, bringing Greek yogurt to every corner of the world. FAGE's president: from...

My Dad Was a CIA Spy in Greece — But Not a Thug

by Leslie Absher When I was just a baby, my father was sent to Greece for his first field assignment with the CIA. It was the summer of 1966 when we arrived, nine months before the military coup led...

How Did Bronze Age Greeks Know About Monkeys from Asia?

Scientists have debated why Bronze Age wall paintings at the ancient site of Akrotiri depict monkeys that came from thousands of miles away in Asia for years.