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Pontic Greek Still Spoken by Thousands in Northern Turkey

Pontic Greek, which closely resembles Ancient Greek still lives on today, in communities near Turkey's Black Sea coast.

NASA Gives Martian Rocks Cypriot Names

NASA officially named two rocks on Mars with words from the Cypriot dialect earlier this week. The rocks were named in honor of the 33-year-old Greek-Cypriot scientist Dr. Konstantinos Charalambous, who works for NASA's ''InSight Mission.'' Dr. Charalambous was given the opportunity to choose...

“To Booko”: The Greek-Australian Dictionary of the Greekish Dialect

If you know the difference between chopia (lamb chops) and bootey (a car boot), then chances are you are a hybrid Greek speaker in Australia. As a member of a minority, you may find that you are privy to...

Words vs. Debt: Save Greece By Using Greek Words [Video]

The Greek language, one of the oldest European languages, has an oral tradition of 4,000 years and a written tradition of 3,000 years. Naturally, with so much history, the Greek language has influenced so many others. Based on the...