Greek News Cyprus NASA Gives Martian Rocks Cypriot Names

NASA Gives Martian Rocks Cypriot Names

NASA officially named two rocks on Mars with words from the Cypriot dialect earlier this week.
The rocks were named in honor of the 33-year-old Greek-Cypriot scientist Dr. Konstantinos Charalambous, who works for NASA’s ”InSight Mission.”
Dr. Charalambous was given the opportunity to choose several words from the Cypriot dialect, and the rocks will forever be known by those names.
The scientist provided NASA with the words, their meaning and the reason he chose them, and then members of NASA made the final decision.
“So, somewhere there on the planet Mars there is a small piece of our Cyprus,” the NASA scientist declared to journalists from the Kathimerini Cyprus newspaper.
The two words chosen were: ”Zavos,” which means “tilted, not straight” in the Cypriot dialect and “Mutti,” which denotes the highest peak of an area.
Dr. Charalambous holds a PhD degree in Planetary Sciences from the British Imperial College in London.

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