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“OK,” Is This Borrowed From the Greek Language, Too?

Ok, or okay, is one of the most frequently used words in the English language, but does it have a Greek origin? One theory on the etymology of OK is that it was originally an acronym for the Greek phrase...

How Being Bilingual Affects Your Brain

Being bilingual or multilingual has been proven to have countless beneficial impacts on the brains of those who speak more than one language. According to recent data, most of the world's population, or 43 percent, are bilingual, 40 percent are...

Constantinople Greeks: The Cosmopolitans of Byzantium’s Capital

Most people are aware of the song “Istanbul was Constantinople” and perhaps no better than the Greeks of Istanbul themselves.

Peter Andre Taught His Children Greek so They Can Speak to Grandparents

Greek Cypriot singer and TV personality Peter Andre revealed recently he taught his children Greek so they can communicate with their grandparents. Andre, born Peter James Andrea in London, recalled the moment his mother chatted with his son. Writing in...

Pontic Greek Still Spoken by Thousands in Northern Turkey

Pontic Greek, which closely resembles Ancient Greek still lives on today, in communities near Turkey's Black Sea coast.

“Una Faccia, Una Razza”: The Bonds That Bind Greeks and Italians

Greeks and Italians have so much in common, that one would need years to itemize each aspect of the bonds they share.

Countries With Names Derived From the Greek Language

Surprisingly, the names of countless countries around the world come from words found in the Greek language, attesting to the influence of Greek.

AI Can Now Decode Speech From Brain Activity

With astonishing but still imperfect accuracy, artificial intelligence (AI) can decode words and sentences from brain activity. AI makes an estimate as to what a person has heard based on a few seconds worth of brain activity data. In a...

The Greek Language is Not Dying; It’s Merely Changing

Is the Greek language, one of the most ancient languages in history of mankind, dying due to an avalanche of foreign words being introduced?

Dogs Can Tell Difference Between Familiar and Unfamiliar Languages

Dogs are smarter than you think; according to recent research, dogs can distinguish between languages they are familiar with and those they've never heard before. Researchers scanned the brains of 18 dogs with an MRI machine while the canines heard...