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Greek mythology

The Greek Origin of Zodiac Signs in Astrology

We all know our own astrological sign. But you might not have known that the origins of astrology link back to ancient Greek mythology, with every sign of the zodiac representing a Greek god, goddess or other important figure...

Exquisite Ancient Greek Earring One of Treasures at Boston Museum

An exquisite ancient Greek earring, housed at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, still dazzles its admirers 2,300 years after it was crafted.

Epic Tales of Love and Jealousy Between the Gods in Greek Mythology

Some of the most famous stories of love and jealousy come from tales of lust between the gods in Greek mythology. Zeus, the king of the Olympian Gods, was not only known for being the most prominent deity in the...

Philoxenia: The Roots of Greek Hospitality

The ancient Greek value of hospitality which ranked at the top of the list of virtues, and still lives on today in Greece, is “philoxenia”

Ancient Greeks Predicted Robots Claims Stanford Historian

Ancient Greeks not only created the foundations of modern civilization, but they also predicted robots and other future technological innovations, according to a book on the subject. Stanford University historian Dr. Adrienne Mayor, in Gods and Robots argues that Greek...

Eos, the Ancient Greek Goddess of the Dawn

Eos, the ancient Greek goddess of the dawn, with her abode the sky, was perhaps the most resplendent of all the beings in the Greek pantheon.

Exploring South Korea’s Greek Mythology Museum

The island of Jeju in South Korea is home to the Greek Mythology Museum where visitors can immerse themselves in the world of the Greek gods. The museum itself is modeled after classical Greek architecture, featuring a row of columns...

Circe, the First Witch of Greek Mythology

Witches have had a long and elaborate history, even back to ancient Greece. Thanks to Homer and his epic adventure tale the Odyssey, we met Circe, who has often been identified as the first witch in Greek mythology. Circe was...

Greek Goddess the Sphinx Embodied Concept of Knowledge as Power

One of the most recognizable figures of antiquity, the Sphinx, took many forms in the civilizations of Greece, the Near East and Asia.

One of The 12 Labors of Hercules Featured on Gibraltar Stamps

A new batch of Gibraltar stamps will feature a scene from one of the 12 labors of Hercules as part of the "EUROPA" series of stamps, which are some of the most highly-collected stamps in the world. EUROPA stamps, specially...