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Was Helen Really to Blame for the Trojan War – or Just a Scapegoat?

The outcome of Helen's relationship with Paris hardly needs to be repeated: the ten-year Trojan war and the destruction of the city.

Hermes, the God of Thieves in Ancient Greece

In Greek mythology, Hermes is considered the messenger God, in charge of protecting travelers, thieves, and guide the souls to the Hades

Ancient Greek and Roman Influences on St. Valentine’s Day

St. Valentine’s Day on February 14th is celebrated among lovers and couples as a day of affection, romantic love and commitment to each other. The chocolate and card industry flourishes on that day, with people around the world giving small gifts...

The Mysterious Island of Thule in Greek Mythology

Most mythological places in ancient Greek records are to be found somewhere around the Mediterranean. However, one location from Greek mythology is quite different. This is the island of Thule. According to ancient Greek records, the legendary island of Thule...

Was Atlantis a Minoan Civilization on Santorini Island?

Researchers have been speculating about the location or nature of Atlantis since Plato first wrote about it. A huge variety of theories have arisen, especially in modern times. Popular theories include identifying Atlantis with the Azores, Antarctica, or South...

Hunting for the Real Locations Behind Greek Myths

When it comes to Greek myths it seems that we are just as fascinated as ever. Not all myths are thought to be complete fabrications.

Was the Kraken a Sea Monster From Greek Mythology?

The Kraken is one of the most famous sea monsters around, and it is usually associated with Greek mythology. This association comes from the fact that it features in the classic Clash of the Titans movie from 1981, as...

Greek Mythology Can Teach the Young Humanity, Virtue

When it comes to Greek mythology, myth and legend, fairy tales and fantasy, can be just as informative as historical facts.

Top Five Ancient Greek Beauty Tips Everyone Should Know

Beauty was extremely important in ancient Greece and not just for women but for men, as well. As admirers of beauty, ancient Greeks placed great emphasis on healthy skin, and, naturally, they developed many useful, natural beauty tips. The countless...

The Greek City of Rome Before the Romans

Many people are familiar with the legend of Romulus and Remus, which supposedly explains the origin of the ancient city of Rome. Romulus established this city on the Palatine Hill after he and his brother had been abandoned on...