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Greek mythology

Philoxenia: The Roots of Greek Hospitality

The ancient Greek value of hospitality which ranked at the top of the list of virtues, and still lives on today in Greece, is “philoxenia”

The Greek Origin of Zodiac Signs in Astrology

We all know our own astrological sign. However, you might not have known that the origins of astrology link back to ancient Greek mythology, with every sign of the zodiac representing a Greek god, goddess, or other important figure...

Top Mythological Sites in Greece

There is something about Greece that sets it apart from many other holiday destinations across the globe; its mythological sites.

Exquisite Ancient Greek Earring One of Treasures at Boston Museum

An exquisite ancient Greek earring, housed at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, still dazzles its admirers 2,300 years after it was crafted.

Top Baby Names Inspired by Greek Mythology

Baby names inspired by Greek history and mythology are gaining popularity in the United States. The cast of gods and goddesses of Roman and Greek myth offers a treasure trove of baby name ideas. From Athena to Zeus, you might...

Top 10 Ideas for Halloween Costumes Based on Greek Mythology

Forget cats, witches, and skeletons—figures from Greek mythology make the most impressive Halloween costumes. From frightening creatures, beautiful goddesses, and powerful heroes, ancient Greek myth provides all the inspiration you need for the best costume. With some creativity and crafting...

The Five Rivers of the Greek Underworld

Ruled by Hades, the god of the underworld, the infernal rivers of Greek mythology are often mentioned in ancient litterature.

Greeks Return to Worshipping Gods of Ancient Greece

Some Greeks have returned to worshipping the ancient gods, as groups dedicated to the adoration of the Greek Pantheon spring up across modern-day Greece. Several different organizations and events exist that are working to create modern forms of celebration and...

The Furies Enacted Revenge in Ancient Greek Mythology

The Furies were a powerful force in ancient Greek mythology. Called the Erinyes, the furies were avenging figures who were tasked with inflicting divine vengeance on those who swore false oaths. They most often intervened in instances in which the...

Top Five Ancient Greek Beauty Tips Everyone Should Know

Beauty was extremely important in ancient Greece and not just for women but for men, as well. As admirers of beauty, ancient Greeks placed great emphasis on healthy skin, and, naturally, they developed many useful, natural beauty tips. The countless...