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Greek mythology

Eros and Psyche: The Greatest Love Story in Greek Mythology

The hauntingly beautiful myth of Psyche and Eros, a moving love story coming from the rich Greek mythology, has inspired countless artists all over the world throughout the centuries. From Renaissance painters all the way to today's filmmakers, Psyche and...

Does the Biblical Moses Appear in Greek Mythology?

Scholars acknowledge that some legends from Greek mythology are strikingly similar to stories from the Bible. According to some theories, a few individual characters from the Bible might also appear in Greek mythology. One theory argues that the famous...

The Tragic Story of the Fall of Icarus

The story of Icarus is one of those legends of Greek mythology that fascinates audiences because of Icarus' desire to transgress human boundaries, thus culminating in tragic consequences. The tale of Daedalus and Icarus in Greek mythology is the story...

The Ancient Oracle of Delphi, Greece

The Oracle of Delphi has become a byword for prophecy, and many of the glories of Delphi's architecture and art have survived to this day.

Top Mythological Sites in Greece

There is something about Greece that sets it apart from many other holiday destinations across the globe; its mythological sites.

Orpheus and Eurydice Free Admission Opera at Ancient Corinth

An 18th-century opera based on the ancient Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice will be presented at ancient Corinth on August 29.

Titan Quest II Will Immerse Video Gamers in Greek Mythology

Titan Quest II, an upcoming action RPG developed by Grimlore Games and published by THQ Nordic, will give video game fans the opportunity to explore the world of ancient Greek mythology. The antagonist of the upcoming game will be Nemesis,...

The Greek Origin of the Ancient City of Troy

The Trojan War is one of the most famous events in Greek mythology. It was a mighty, ten-year war between the Greeks and the Trojans. But what many people do not know is that Troy itself is actually Greek...

Lichadonisia: Experience the Mythical and Exotic Greek Islets

There is history and mythology abounding throughout Greece, and the exotic Greek islands of Lichadonisia are no exception. The enticing, magical tales of the creation of this island complex located northeast of Evia, in the North Evia Gulf, only adds...

The Ancient Greek Goddess Chimera Embodied Fear of Females

The Greek goddess Chimera, was a monstrous composition of disparate parts that embodied an ancient fear of females.