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Patmos: The Greek Island of John’s Revelation

Patmos island in the Aegean Sea is the location apostle John received the visions found in the Book of Revelation of the New Testament

Top Five Greek Island Monasteries Perched on Rocks

In older times, Greek monks were trying to build monasteries in places that were hidden or difficult to access in order to protect them from bandits, invaders, and conquerors.

The Top Destinations for Greek Easter

With Greek Orthodox Easter fast approaching, Greeks and tourists alike are planning to rush out of urban centers in order to enjoy the unique holiday customs found in destinations across the country. While there are some shared Easter traditions throughout...

The Day The Dodecanese Joined Motherland Greece

The Dodecanese, the island archipelago which literally means ”The Twelve Islands”, officially joined their motherland of Greece on March 7, 1948.

Lone Student at Remote Greek Island Celebrates Greek Bicentennial

The lone student on the Greek island of Akioi celebrated the Greek bicentennial by raising the Greek flag on Thursday, March 25.

Beaches in Greece Rank Among Top Secret Spots in Europe

Greece ranks twice on a list of the top "secret beaches" in Europe featured in the latest edition of Travel + Leisure, a top travel magazine.

CNN Amazed by Greece's Patmos, the Island of Revelation

John Malathronas, CNN's travel editor was amazed by all he saw on his recent visit to the Greek island of Patmos which he reffered to as: The island where the end of the world begun. The island of the Apocalypse. The...

Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson Buy Second Summer Home in Greece

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson bought a second summer home in Greece, and specifically on Patmos island, according to Greek magazine Loipon. It is known that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson love Greece and in the past few years they...

National Tourism Organization Invites 587 Bloggers to Promote the Beauty of Greece

For the third year, the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) is organizing a program of familiarization trips which intend to make a global touristic promotion of the country. The project intends to bring 587 foreign bloggers, journalists, and representatives of...

Patmos, the Greek Island of Revelation, Features in New Film (video)

A highly acclaimed documentary about the Greek island of Patmos and the world-famous monastery of St. John the Theologian will premiere in Greek cinemas later in May after successful screenings in Europe and the U.S. Acceptance of Inheritance: Apocalypse Again...