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Greeks of Cappadocia Left Indelible Mark on History

The Greeks of Cappadocia, in central-eastern Anatolia, created their own flourishing culture in ancient times that thrived for millennia.

Hagia Sophia Features in New Turkish Passports

Hagia Sophia, the symbolic center of the Greek Orthodox faith that was converted by Turkey into a mosque in 2020, will be featured in the new Turkish passport, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Tuesday. According to the Turkish president,...

Ancient Greek Amphitheater at Laodicea Restored to Former Glory

Restoration work on the 2,200-year-old amphitheater in the Ancient Greek city of Laodicea, located in the ancient Greek area of Phrygia, has now been completed. The mammoth task of restoring the ancient amphitheater was undertaken by Professor Celal Simsek of...

Philip Ludwell: America’s First Convert to Orthodoxy

Born on December 29, 1716 in the Tidewater of Virginia, Philip Ludwell III was America's first Orthodox convert.

Holy Fire Arrives in Greece Ahead of Easter

The Holy Fire, or Holy Light, arrived to Greece from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem on Holy Saturday in time for the Easter midnight mass. The fire will be transported to another seven destinations within Greece on...

“Flying Priest” Marks Holy Saturday’s Liturgy in Greece

The tradition of the “Flying Priest” from the Greek island of Chios has now spread in many parts of Greece and Cyprus

Holy Saturday: Greek Orthodox Prepare for the Resurrection of Jesus

Holy Saturday, the day before Greek Easter on Sunday, marks the last day of Holy Week for Orthodox Christians.

Holy Myrrh: The 57 Rare Ingredients of the Sanctified Orthodox Oil

The Holy Myrrh, or Holy Myron, the oil with the highest level of sanctification in the Christian Church, was prepared during the Holy Week at the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Istanbul to be distributed throughout the Orthodox world. The sacred liquid...

Greeks Mark Solemn Holy Friday With Epitaphios Processions

Holy Friday, or Good Friday, is a profoundly mournful day in Greece which commemorates the Passion of Christ with the traditional Epitaphios processions. A nationwide affair, it recalls the moments leading up to and including the crucifixion of Jesus Christ,...

“We Stand by Ukraine” Patriarch Bartholomew Says in Easter Message

In his Easter message, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew made reference to the war and the sufferings and atrocities caused by Russia’s attack on Ukraine. “We stand and suffer alongside the pious and courageous people of Ukraine that bear a heavy cross....

Holy Thursday Commemorates Last Supper in the Greek Orthodox Church

Holy Thursday and the Last Supper is the culmination of the Divine Drama in the Greek Orthodox Church: The last day of Jesus Christ on earth

Why Greeks Dye Eggs Red for Easter

Dying eggs red in anticipation of Greek Easter is a beloved tradition. Families across Greece dye their eggs red together on Holy Thursday.

Holy Wednesday: Greek Orthodox Recall Christ’s Anointing with Myrrh

Observations of the Great and Holy Wednesday by Greek Orthodox Christians during the Great Lent and the different traditional practices.

The Dating of Greek Easter—Explained by A Mathematician

The Greek Orthodox use the calendar devised by Julius Caesar -- the Roman general turned dictator -- versus the calendar tweaked by the Pope.

Greek Easter Traditions and Customs Across Greece

Greek Easter is full of ancient traditions and customs, followed faithfully throughout the millennia, making the feast a colorful one.