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The Greek Paradox: Why Do First Generation Greek-Australians Live Longer?

Scottish-Australian physician Norman Swan has made a complex discovery recently. Swan found that Greek-Australians, despite subscribing to potentially life-threatening practices and diets, have the second highest life expectancy behind the Japanese. Swan dubbed this situation "the Greek Paradox" in his...

Why Do We Ignore the Ancient Treasures Atop Greek Mountains?

In ancient times, the mountaintops of Greece held the shrines and ritual sites of the Greek gods. These days, they’re astonishingly unloved and neglected. By Jason König The mountains of Greece and the Mediterranean are permanent reminders of the past. The...

Marine Heatwave Attracts Invasive Fish in the Mediterranean

A marine heatwave has hit the Mediterranean, including the Ionian and Aegean seas, posing a threat to the entire marine ecosystem, experts have warned. The marine heatwave is leading to a proliferation of invasive fish species and jellyfish. As the...

Greece, Cyprus Say Turkey Stokes Tensions with Dispatch of Drill Ship

Greece and Cyprus accused Turkey on Thursday of stoking tensions as Ankara prepared to dispatch a drill ship to the Mediterranean next month in search for natural gas. Turkey is set to send a drillship, the Abdulhamit Khan, into the...

Mediterranean, Vegetarian, or Vegan—Which Diet is Best for the Planet?

The effect of five widespread diets, including the Mediterranean, vegetarian, and vegan on our planet was examined by a team of Australian scientists. The team argues that the vegetarian diet may be better for the planet, but the Mediterranean...

Five Remarkable Marine Animals of Greece (And Where to Find Them)

Many remarkable marine animals can be found in the waters of Greece.

Mediterranean Turning into Tropical Sea, WWF Warns

The Mediterranean is turning into a tropical sea due to the rising global temperatures, the World Wide Fund for Nature warned in a report.

Chemicals in Sunscreen Damaging Mediterranean Sea Ecosystems

A recent study has found that chemicals in sunscreens may be damaging vital seagrass ecosystems in the Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean seagrass Posidonia oceania has been particularly impacted by the chemicals, the study, which was published in the "Marine Pollution...

The Greek Origins of Marseille, France’s Oldest City

The huge port city of Marseille, France was founded by Greeks back in 600 BC, when the first immigrants established a trading colony.

Why the Mediterranean is One of the Saltiest Seas in the World

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the most storied and lovely bodies of water anywhere in the world -- and it is also one of the saltiest.