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Migrating Birds That Travel 4,000 Miles to Greece Threatened by Extinction

Migrating birds, Aproparis, journey 4000 miles from Africa to Greece to be threatened by immediate extinction by harsh travel, poisoning

Whale Dies in Rhodes, Greece With 15kg of Plastic in its Stomach

A beaked whale that washed up and was found dead on a beach in Rhodes, Greece on Monday died because of 15kg of plastic in its stomach, a necropsy revealed on Wednesday. Fishing nets, rope, packing straps, bags, and plastic...

Animal Abuse: Greek Man Who Kicked Cat into the Sea Arrested

On Monday, police in Greece arrested a man who lured a cat near his table at a taverna and then kicked her into the sea in a shocking case of animal abuse. The incident took place in a tavern of...

What Happened to the Camels of Greece?

Several decades ago, when burning wood was the only means of keeping one's home warm, camels were not an uncommon sight in rural Greece.

Greece Has the Largest Number of Goats in Europe

According to a recent study by Eurostat, Greece has the largest number of goats in the EU.

Modern Critics Rally Against “Inhumane” Greek Easter Lamb Feast

For Greeks, the annual roasted lamb, slowly turning on the spit on Easter Sunday, is not only a mouth-watering delicacy but also part of a centuries-old tradition written into the national psyche. The event brings together family and friends outdoors and...

World’s First Dolphin Sanctuary Founded in Greece

The world’s first permanent sanctuary for dolphins who have been rescued from captivity was founded recently.

Santorini Mules and Donkeys Exploited for Profit

By Tony Cross The interesting article on the Santorini mules and donkeys by Michael Ermogenis was well informed and well written. It was, however, largely a description of the history of the use of mules and donkeys on the island,...

The Donkeys and Mules that Built Greece’s Paradise in Santorini

There is a frenzy of articles about abuse of donkeys and mules on Santorini, but we need a historical perspective to understand.

Global Warming Brings Venomous Sea Urchin to the Aegean

Global warming has brought a venomous sea urchin into the Aegean with scientists saying that it has been spotted in the waters off at least 12 Greek islands. The particular sea urchin, whose scientific name is Diadema setosum, has extremely...

The Miniature Therapy Horses of Greece

There are just 27 adorable miniature therapy horses in the entire world; six of them are in Greece, just off a quiet road in Rafina, on the eastern coast of the Attica region. Magic Garden is a place that has...

Spiders Native to Asia Expected to Spread Across US East Coast

Researchers at the University of Georgia say the Joro spider, an invasive species native to east Asia, is expected to spread across the US east coast after thriving in Georgia last year. The spider, scientifically known as Trichonephila clavata, has...

Russian Cats Banned from International Competitions

In response to the war in Ukraine, the International Cat Federation has banned all cats from Russia -- and Russian breeds -- from competing in international competitions. According to a statement released last week by the Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe),...

Octopus With 10 Arms Named After US President Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden has a lot of things named after him, including a planet and a train station, but the most unusual one yet is an octopus. A cephalopod, whose ancestors roamed the oceans millions of years ago,...

The Marine Park of Zakynthos: Where Sea Turtles and Seals Roam Free

The islet of Marathonisi in Laganas Bay, known as "Turtle Island," is included in the Marine Park of Zakynthos