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German Submarine Sale to Turkey Rankles Greece

Greece's Foreign Minister Dendias deplored Germany’s decision to sell submarines to Turkey, publicly and in a meeting with German officials.

$750K a Week to Sail or Party on Onassis’ Legendary Yacht

$750,000 will purchase a week's worth of cruising or partying on Aristotle Onassis' legendary yacht Christina .

Greece, USA Conduct Joint Military Exercises, Mull Further Cooperation

Greece and the United States of America (USA) have been conducting a joint military exercise since May 8 in Greece.

Libyan Foreign Minister Urges Turkey to Withdraw Fighters

On Monday, the Foreign Minister of Libya, Najla al-Manqoush, called for the departure of all foreign forces and mercenaries from its soil.

Shark Swimming In Shallows of Greek Beach Alarms Onlookers

A shark was spotted swimming in extremely shallow waters of well-known Greek beach Karathonas on Tuesday afternoon.

Turkey Claims It Pushed Back Greek, French Vessels

Turkey says that it turned back a Greek frigate and a French seismic research ship that sought to operate in waters it claims as it's own

Greece, Cyprus, Israel, UAE Forge Common Front in the Mediterranean

Greece, Israel, Cyprus and the UAE said on Friday they would seek to deepen their cooperation in fields ranging from energy to fighting COVID

Turkey Vows to Resume Eastern Mediterranean Drilling “Soon”

Turkey will “soon” resume its seismic and drilling activities under the Eastern Mediterranean, according to Fatih Donmez, its Energy Minister.

Temperatures in Eastern Mediterranean Rise 3 Times Faster than World Average

Temperatures in the Eastern Mediterranean are rising three times faster than the global average, with the effects of climate change already felt in Greece.

Turkey Announces Massive Military Exercise in the Aegean

Turkey announced on Monday that it will conduct a large-scale naval exercises in the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea between February 25 and March 7.