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Greek Crisis-hit Donkeys Immigrate to the UK For a Better Life

Like thousands of his compatriots, Christoforos, was forced to immigrate and move to the UK for a better[...]

Destination Nowhere Part III: Athens

Athens has become a kind of purgatory for migrants entering Europe – a cramped, violent and sweltering waiting room that one may never get to leave.

Destination Nowhere Part II: Evros

9SIbeSkJNNM From the migrant exit point in Igoumenitsa, I made my way to Evros, the largest entry point for illegal immigration into Greece. I drove ten hours along the newly constructed Egnatia highway to Orestiada, a border town in the...

Destination Nowhere: Igoumenitsa

Igoumenitsa was the first stop on our journey to explore Greece’s migration situation. The town has become a hotspot for migrants, who have set-up camps on the mountainside next to the port.

Immigration, Financial Crisis Threaten Border-Free Europe

As Europe scrambles to contain the financial crisis in the eurozone, another effort to deepen European unity is also being challenged, the Schengen passport-free travel zone. Immigration, lax controls, corruption and sovereignty worries are undermining dreams of border-free travel. Europeans now...

Destination Nowhere: A Special Series on Greece's Immigration Problem

Few recent immigrants intend to stay in Greece but most are trapped in the country either due to a lack of money or because of the difficulty in reaching other European destinations.

Research Shows Belgium Quickest in Attracting Skilled Migrants

A new study by Deloitte has found that Belgium processes immigration visas for skilled migrants more quickly than other EU Countries. In an effort to deal with skills shortages Belgium has streamlined its immigration procedures to fast-track work permit applications...

Anastasios Tami’s Book on Greeks in the Far East

Unknown information about the lives and activities of Greeks who settled in Far East countries at the end of the 19th century are being revealed through the pages of a new book by Professor Anastasios Tamis. Professor  Tamis, who will...