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Alexander Besant

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Destination Nowhere Part III: Athens

Athens has become a kind of purgatory for migrants entering Europe – a cramped, violent and sweltering waiting room that one may never get to leave.

Destination Nowhere Part II: Evros

9SIbeSkJNNM From the migrant exit point in Igoumenitsa, I made my way to Evros, the largest entry point for illegal immigration into Greece. I drove...

Destination Nowhere: Igoumenitsa

Igoumenitsa was the first stop on our journey to explore Greece’s migration situation. The town has become a hotspot for migrants, who have set-up camps on the mountainside next to the port.

Destination Nowhere: A Special Series on Greece's Immigration Problem

Few recent immigrants intend to stay in Greece but most are trapped in the country either due to a lack of money or because of the difficulty in reaching other European destinations.

"Promeithea" a three-day Festival Reviving Ancient Greek Life Most visitors to Greece relate to its ancient past through monuments, museums, or, if they are really motivated, through books. Few, if any, are...