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Why Greek Honey Is the Best in the World: A Beekeeper Explains

For thousands of years, Greek honey has been collected for its delicious, sweet taste and healing, nutritious properties.

Mediterranean Diet May Help Prevent Depression

Following a Mediterranean diet could help prevent depression, groundbreaking new psychiatric research suggests.

The World’s Most Beautiful Restaurant is in Greece

The world's most beautiful restaurant is located in Greece, according to a ranking by travel site "The Travel." The hidden gem, which is called, appropriately, "The Secret Garden," located on the beautiful Greek island of Symi, was ranked number one...

Scientists Decode DNA of Greek Feta Cheese

According to the Academy of Athens, scientists have now successfully decoded the DNA of the famous Greek Feta cheese. Scientists from the Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens studied a wide variety of feta cheese produced all across the...

Ten Dishes to Add That Greek Flavor to Your Christmas Dinner

Greece is a country with deep religious traditions, a strong sense of family, and a very festive spirit. And those are all the necessary ingredients to make Christmas one of the most important celebrations of the year. As with any...

Five Traditional Greek Desserts to Sweeten Up Your Christmas

During the Christmas season, Greece is filled with the delicious aroma of sugary-sweet traditional Greek desserts, floating out from houses and bakeries as people prepare for the holiday season. Featuring traditional Greek flavors like nuts, citrus, spices like cinnamon and...

Greek Cuisine Rated Second Best in the World

Greek cuisine was rated the second best in the world for 2021 by TasteAtlas, a travel guide focused on international cuisines and traditional dishes. The list, which was compiled based on over 100,000 user ratings, also included the most delicious...

The Greek Food Trucks Taking Over the Streets of New York

Any visitor to New York City has probably noticed the many food trucks offering inexpensive, tasty fare to New Yorkers looking for a quick bite on their lunch breaks or while exploring the city. While these food trucks offer tasty...

Canada Owes Its Popular Regina Pizza To Four Greek Immigrant Brothers

In Canada, pizza aficionados have to thank four Greek immigrants for the country’s own unique pizza, known as Regina Pizza.

Vegan Diet Has Deep Roots in Traditional Greek Food

The vegan diet, which is a huge trend across the globe, has deep roots in traditional Greek food experts say.