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The Lost Plant Ancient Greeks Used for Food, Perfume, and Contraception

Silphium, a now-extinct plant once used by the ancient Greeks and Romans for perfume, seasoning, medicine, and even contraception, was one of the most sought-after goods in the ancient world. The plant was so useful that Julius Caesar himself was...

Why Ancient Greeks Mixed Wine With Seawater

Mixing wine and seawater may sound unappealing today, yet it is a winemaking practice that goes back to Ancient Greece, later to be followerd by the Romans

The Ancient Greek Tradition of Birthday Cake

The global tradition of blowing out candles on a birthday cake might be rooted in an ancient Greek votive ritual to honor the goddess Artemis

How to Live More Than a Century: Olive Oil and the Mediterranean Diet

Many scientific studies have provided evidence of olive oil’s health benefits and its central role in the Mediterranean diet.

The Influence of Alexander the Great on Indian and World Cuisine

Customs, flavors and rituals linking food to the sacred and divine had an enormous upheaval during the time of Alexander the Great.

Dalgona: The Greek Frappe-Like Coffee Taking Over South Korea

Dalgona, a Greek Frappe-like coffee is taking South Korea by storm! As the hot summer months are closing in upon us, iced coffee enthusiasts are longing for established favorites, such as the Greek Frappe and are coming up with...

Lion Burger, Tiger Steak From Lab-Grown Meat Hit the Market

A British company called Primeval Foods is pitching lab-grown meat, such as lion burgers, tiger steaks, and zebra sushi rolls to climate-conscious consumers. The company says it wants consumers of plant-based meat alternatives to switch to lab-grown meats in a...

The Greek Immigrant Who Built a Confectionery Empire in Argentina

Greek immigrant Michalis Georgalos made life in Argentina sweeter with his confections, building an empire that still exists today

3D-Printed Meat Substitutes Make a Splash in Europe

Already massive food industry is expected to get even larger. The data firm Allied Market Research says that the meat substitute market is expected to reach $8.1 billion by 2026. Whether for health reasons or religious motivations, consumers have been...

The Greek Tradition of Eating Hake on March 25th

On March 25, the most important day in the calendar, Greeks traditionally eat fried hake accompanied with a garlic puree called skordalia.

Mediterranean Diet May Help Prevent Depression

Following a Mediterranean diet could help prevent depression, groundbreaking new psychiatric research suggests.

The Superfood that Fueled Alexander the Great

Sea buckthorn berries have been used in traditional medicine throughout Central Asia and Eastern Europe for centuries.

Why Pistachios from Greek Island of Aegina are Best in the World

The Greek island of Aegina is known for its pistachios, or fistikia, which are considered to be of the highest quality in the world.

Manhattan’s Oldest Chocolate House Started by a Greek

Li-Lac Chocolates, Manhattan’s oldest chocolate house, was founded by Greece's George Demetrious. The history of Li-Lac starts in 1923, when Demetrious, a Greek native who studied the art of chocolate making in France, emigrated to New York and opened his...

Thessaloniki: The Undisputed Capital of Greek Sweets

Thessaloniki Capital of Greek Sweets