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Parliament Condemns Disclaimer of Armenian and Greek Genocide

The Turkish embassy in Australia used the space of the federal parliament in Canberra, in order to adopt a firm position that there was no genocide of Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians during the First World War. The Turkish embassy...

Turkey Miffed Australia Recognizes Armenian Genocide

Turkey speaks of "forgery of history" and characterizes the testimonies of Australians who fought at Gallipoli as" lies." Australians reacted strongly to these allegations. The parliament of New South Wales is in a head-on collision with the Turkish government after...

A Memorial Dedicated to the Victims of Genocide in the Ottoman Empire will be Built in Berlin

An ecumenical memorial dedicated to more then 3, 5 million Christians martyred in the Ottoman Empire in the beginning of the 20th century will be built in Berlin. The pre anointment ceremony of the memorial will take place on...

Parliament Commemorated Hellenic Genocide In Asia Minor

A minute of silence was held by the Parliament in memory of the thousands of victims of the Hellenic Genocide in Minor Asia, during the plenary meeting that took place today at noon[...]