Greece Turkish Soldiers Fire and Take Aim at German, Greek Officers at Evros...

Turkish Soldiers Fire and Take Aim at German, Greek Officers at Evros Border

Turkish soldiers fired at least one warning shot and then aimed at German and Greek guards patrolling the border with Greece on April 28, according to an exclusive report by German magazine Der Spiegel, which has been conformed by the German Ministry of the Interior.
The German officers were part of the European border force (FRONTEX) which has deployed some 100 officers, among them 20 Germans, in Greece along the Evros border in March as part of the so-called RAPID intervention requested by Athens, when Turkey was pushing thousands of migrants toward Europe.
The Turkish soldiers targeted German officials and fired at least one shot; there were no injuries, Der Spiegel reports.

Citing an internal document of Frontex, the German magazine writes that “a Turkish soldier fired a shot at 7:15 p.m. on Tuesday evening when German officers were on the other side of the border.”
The German border guard reportedly heard a shot from the Turkish side of the border and he immediately took cover.
Through a pair of binoculars, the German border guards saw a Turkish soldier aiming an automatic weapon at the Greek side on the other side of the Evros River.
Then the Turkish soldier showed his right middle finger and went back to his tent. Other soldiers were apparently shouting “Come, come!”
A short time later, six more Turkish soldiers appeared and once again aimed their weapons at the German and Greek border guards.

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