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Turkey Releases Greek Police Officer Arrested Near Evros Border

A Greek police officer and his partner who were arrested by Turkish security forces on Sunday near the border region of Evros were released on Monday according to the Greek Ministry of Civil Protection. The pair, from the northeastern Greek...

Belarus Uses Migrants Against Poland — Just as Turkey did Against Greece

Poland accused Belarus on Monday of planning a "major provocation" by encouraging a large group of migrants to cross the Polish border, in an incident reminiscent of Turkey's attempt to destabilize Greece and the EU in March 2020. "Belarus wants...

Greece to Further Boost Security at Evros Border with Turkey

Greece announced on Sunday that it will further boost security at the border with Turkey along the Evros River by hiring 250 new border guards over the next few months. Citizen Protection Minister Takis Theodorikakos, who was visiting the region...

Greece Purchases Powerful Israeli “Spike NLOS” Missile

Greece is to purchase the multi-purpose Israeli missile Spike NLOS in order to strengthen its military presence in the Aegean and Evros

Greece Completes 40-km Fence at Border with Turkey

Greece completed earlier in the week a 40-km (25 mile) fence on its border with Turkey and a new surveillance system was in place to stop possible asylum seekers from trying to reach Europe following the Taliban's takeover of...

Greece, Turkey Forge Common Front on Refugees from Afghanistan

Greece and Turkey apparently agreed on Friday to cooperate to prevent a possible mass influx of refugees from Afghanistan into their countries. Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan discussed via telphone the developing situation in Afghanistan...

Double the Number of Migrants are Leaving than Entering Greece

Migrants are leaving Greece at a much faster pace than they are entering it, according to the newest figures on migration released Wednesday.

Sound Cannons Deployed by Greece to Deter Migrants Alarm the EU

The European Union has expressed concerns over Greece's reported use of sound cannons to deter migrants from approaching its borders.

Turkish Soldiers Fire Guns at Greece’s Evros Border

Turkish soldiers fired guns over the border with Greece at Evros on two separate occasions earlier in March, Der Spiegel reports.

Firefighter Killed as Floods Hit Greece’s Evros

A firefighter was killed on Monday in the region of Evros in northeastern Greece during an operation to rescue dozens of children that were trapped in a school flooded by torrential rains. The incident occurred as the fire service was...