Greece Rallies on the First-Year Anniversary of Greek Referendum

Rallies on the First-Year Anniversary of Greek Referendum

Three protest rallies in the center of Athens took place on the first anniversary of the Greek referendum on July 5. The protestors are sending the message to Europeans that despite the Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) government’s referendum calling for people to vote against the bailout terms, the government ignored the results.
The Popular Unity party that split from SYRIZA following the party’s U-turn in negotiations held a gathering at the offices of the European Union at the corner of Vasilissis Sofias Street and the government’s Maximos Mansion headquarters. Unionists and other leftist groups also gathered at Syntagma. At 8:30 p.m., former Speaker of the House, Zoe Konstantopoulou, started another rally from Lykavittos Theater calling for a stop to the privatization of public property and for the government to pay heed to the people’s call for “No” that had been voted on during the referendum.

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