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“Chinese Digital Silk Road” Dominates the Western Balkans

China has made inroads in the Balkans by providing security cameras for personal surveillance, thus establishing its digital presence in the region

Cyprus Revokes 45 Golden Visas in the Wake of Last Year’s Scandal

The Cypriot government announced on Friday that it would rescind the citizenship of 45 foreign investors and their relatives who acquired Cypriot passports through the country's corrupt 'golden visas' scheme. The decision was reached after an independent inquiry into the...

One Fifth of Turkey’s Food Exports Have Banned Pesticides in Them

A report on the food and agricultural exports from Turkey to the European Union published by Bianet on Tuesday found that 25% of all products were unsuitable for consumption and 20% were contaminated by pesticides banned by the EU. The...

Greece Calls on EU to Protect Consumers From Gas Price Spikes

Greece called on the European Union on Monday to create a special mechanism to protect consumers from steep gas price spikes across the bloc. In a joint letter to the head of the eurozone’s finance ministers, Paschal Donohoe and Greek...

Europe to Implement Travel Restrictions for Unvaccinated Americans

Aft the European Union on Monday advised its member nations to ban unvaccinated travelers from the US to Europe, Italy, the Netherlands, and Sweden have put new travel restrictions on those hoping to visit the European countries from the...

France Sends Rescuers, Firefighters, Tons of Equipment to Assist Greece

France is sending a large number of firefighters, rescuers, and a massive load of equipment to Greece.

IMF: Economy of Greece to Bounce Back Significantly in 2022

The economy of Greece is projected to grow by 5.4 per cent in 2022, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said.

Greece, EU Have Legal Case Against Turkey for Violating Refugee Deal

Greece and the EU have a legal case against Turkey's violation of the refugee deal, says Todd Carney, specialist in international law.

Turkey to Continue Gas Exploration Operation in the Mediterranean

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said today that Turkey would continue its oil and gas exploration operation in the Mediterranean Sea. Turkey has butt heads with Greece and Cyprus over their presence in the Mediterranean looking for energy sources. "Whatever our...

EU Condemns Hungary’s LGBT Bill Banning ‘Display of Homosexuality’ to Minors

Greece, with the EU, signed a declaration on Wednesday condemning Hungary's recent anti-LGBT bill which targets people under 18 years old.