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Greece Sells Majority Stake of Public Power Corporation

Greece's Public Power Corporation (PPC) is expected to complete a share capital increase plan worth around 750 million euros by early November, following a decision reached by its board on Thursday. The process is set to bring the state’s share...

Greek Left Votes Down Bill to Remove Diaspora’s Voting Restrictions

Greek leftist parties voted against an amendment that would have removed all restrictions for the Diaspora to vote in national elections.

Medical Marijuana Approved for Production and Sale in Greece

The Greek Parliament voted in favor of a bill to legalise the cultivation and sale of medical marijuana in Greece on Friday. 

Greek Parties Enthusiastically Endorse Biden on Vaccine Patent Waiver

Greek opposition parties called on the government to emulate Joe Biden and back a proposal to waive patent protections for COVID-19 vaccines.

Greek Woman Abused by Former Ambassador of Venezuela Speaks Out

A Greek woman, former employee of the Embassy of Venezuela in Greece, spoke about the sexual abuse she suffered.

Greek Parliament Launches Probe into Former Minister Nikos Pappas

The Greek Parliament voted to create a special committee to investigate allegations of foul play by former SYRIZA minister Nikos Pappas.

Greek Doctor and Philanthropist who Founded MDM Greece Dies

Theophilos Rosenberg, a Greek physician who was the founder of "Doctors of the World," or MDM Greece, passed away on Thursday.

Greek Left Accuses Government of Authoritarianism for Banning Polytechnic Rally

The three leftist parties in the Greek Parliament have blasted the New Democracy government for banning the Polytechnic uprising's annual demonstration on Tuesday, November 17 as part of the strict new coronavirus measures imposed recently all over the nation. Syriza,...

Leftist Syriza Unveils New Logo

Main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance President Alexis Tsipras on Tuesday unveiled the party's new logo. The central element of the new logo is a five-pointed star, whose points represent the key values and ideals that inspire the Left. According to the party,...

Greek Former Minister to Face Special Court Over Novartis Probe

Greece's parliament voted late Wednesday to charge former deputy justice minister Dimitris Papangelopoulos over allegations he sought to incriminate political opponents during an investigation into the Novartis scandal. A total 177 out of 300 lawmakers from governing New Democracy and...