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The Surprising Science Behind Champagne Bubbles

The fascinating science behind champagne bubbles is something we really should take a little time to appreciate as we celebrate the best of what this year has given us and the hopes for the upcoming new year. Champagne has marked...

Ten Greek Wines for Your Dinner Table

Greeks are amongst the first peoples to have produced wine into the world and Greece has some of the oldest vineyards extant, making the country justifiably famous for its great local wines. The earliest evidence of wine production in Greece...

Why Ancient Greeks Mixed Wine With Seawater

Mixing wine and seawater may sound unappealing today, yet it is a winemaking practice that goes back to Ancient Greece, later to be followerd by the Romans

Priceless Wine and Spirits Treasure Discovered at Greece’s Tatoi Palace

Restorations at Greek royal family's former palace, Tatoi, have unearthed a wine cellar filled with rare alcoholic beverages.

The Greek Who Taught the Japanese to Eat Feta Cheese and Olive Oil

Pioneering businessman Thanasis Fragkis was the very first person to introduce olive oil and other traditional Greek products to Japan.

More than 50 Greek Wines Presented at Shanghai’s ProWine China Fair

Οver fifty labels of Greek wines were presented at the Shanghai International Trade Fair for Wines and Spirits, called "ProWine China," which opened its doors on Tuesday and will run until Thursday, November 14. The Greek pavilion, organized by ''Enterprise...

Japanese Giant Helps Santorini Wine Expand to Asian Market

Greek winery Tsantali has expanded into the Asian market in a deal with Japanese food and beverage giant Suntory. The first orders of Tsantalis’ wine have already been delivered to Japan. According to Periclis Drakos, Tsantali's export director, “Suntory’s interest shows...