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What Will Your Christmas Dinner Look Like in 2050?

The future of Christmas food could include artificial meat, soil-free veg, and hybrid protein treats. By Alexandra Sexton & Duncan Cameron In the Charles Dickens novel A Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge’s final transformation from miser to philanthropist is marked by the...

Ancient Greek Historian Plutarch One of the First Vegetarians

Plutarch could be considered one of the first outspoken vegetarians in the West, as he believed that it is "immoral" to eat animal flesh.

Vegans Protest Against Meat-eating in Athens As Greece Celebrates Tsiknopempti

Vegans demonstrated against meat-eating in central Athens on Thursday morning, a day that is celebrated in Greece as "Tsiknopempti". Today is the Thursday prior to Lent when people celebrate the eating of meat before the beginning of the forty-day...

This Weekend in Athens: Vegan Life Festival Showcases Cruelty-Free Products and Delicious Food

Athens is celebrating veganism and the vegan lifestyle this weekend at the Vegan Life Festival. Here you will find everything from cruelty-free products to vegan and raw food. There will also be discussions held on veganism and other relevant topics as well...