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Alexander Payne Premieres New Film at Thessaloniki Festival

Acclaimed Greek-American director and screenwriter Alexander Payne presented his new film, The Holdovers, at a packed Olympion theater during the 64th Thessaloniki International Film Festival on Sunday, November 5th. This is Payne's first period film, set in the 1970s, and...

Stunning Bronze Age Jewelry Hoard Unearthed in Switzerland

A valuable set of ancient Middle Bronze Age jewelry has been discovered in Guttingen, Switzerland.  This collection includes fourteen spiky jewelry discs, two spiral finger rings, and more than a hundred small amber beads, which are about the size...

Greece’s Rovies Food Festival Guests Captivated by Sustainable Cuisine

Dozens of local and international visitors traveled to northern Evia, central Greece, to attend the first Rovies Food Festival.

Rovies Food Festival Draws on Evia’s Ancient Gastronomic Heritage

Rovies food festival in Evia, Greece, promotes sustainable food consumption practices through a series of interactive activities for guests.

Greece Adds 10 More Traditions to Its Intangible Cultural Heritage

The Greek Ministry of Culture has listed ten new cultural expressions in the national inventory for Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Paris to Bring Back Swimming in Seine River After 100 Years

As the Olympics in Paris approach, the city is undergoing a remarkable transformation with a historic clean-up initiative. After being banned for a century due to the polluted water, swimmers and divers are soon to return to the River...

Thousands Attend Antipodes Greek Festival Weekend In Melbourne

The Antipodes Festival once again returned to Londscale Street in Melbourne on February 25-26, celebrating the Greek community of the city.

Patra Carnival Parades Return After Three-Year Ban

The Patras Carnival Parade returns on the weekend February 25-26, after a three-year ban to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

India Cancels Change From Valentines to Cow Hug Day

The Indian government's campaign to promote Cow Hug Day as an alternative to Valentine's Day was abruptly canceled on Friday after facing widespread criticism and ridicule on social media. The Indian government has proposed a unique way to celebrate Valentine's...

The Mystery Behind Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day is a holiday celebrated in the United States and Canada on February 2nd each year. The holiday is based on a weather prediction made by a groundhog and has its roots in both ancient pagan customs and modern...

Greek Orthodox Epiphany Celebrated in Australia

Greek Australians celebrated Epiphany with the traditional Blessing of the Waters ceremonies in cities across Australia on Sunday.

How the New Year Was Celebrated in Alexander the Great’s Empire

Celebrating the arrival of the New Year is a popular custom around the world, as it has been for thousands of years. We find the same basic celebration—although expressed in different ways—in various ancient cultures. In Greece itself, there is...

The Christmas Tree Is a Tradition Older Than Christmas

Why, every Christmas, do so many people endure the mess of dried pine needles, the risk of a fire hazard and impossibly tangled strings of lights? By Troy Bickham Strapping a fir tree to the hood of my car and worrying...

What Will Your Christmas Dinner Look Like in 2050?

The future of Christmas food could include artificial meat, soil-free veg, and hybrid protein treats. By Alexandra Sexton & Duncan Cameron In the Charles Dickens novel A Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge’s final transformation from miser to philanthropist is marked by the...

Greece Nominated for Best European Film Location Award: How to Vote

Chiliadou Beach, on the Aegean side of the Greek island of Evia, has been nominated for this year's renowned Best European Film Location Award. The award is presented by the European Network of Film Commission (EUFCN). The beach was proposed...