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Greek-American Artist Zoe Behrakis Releases Third Single: ‘Strangers’

Up-and-coming Greek-American pop singer Zoe Behrakis has released her third single, called "Strangers," on Friday. It is available on all streaming platforms.

An Insight into the Greek-Orthodox Community of Jordan

The saying, “Opou geis, kai patris," is a familiar one attesting to the Greek spirit of seeking out fortune and adapting to many foreign soils. But as evidenced by the Greek community of Madaba, Jordan, not only can Greeks...

KONY 2012: Greek Aid Worker Exposes the Other Half of the Ugandan Story

Greek Reporter's Fragkiska Megaloudi lived and worked in Uganda. Here she presents her side of the KONY 2012 story. "To all of us who have lived and worked in northern Uganda and who know a bit more than just the 30 minutes footage, this video tells a whole different story."

Visiting the Ancient city of Petra in Jordan

Photo Credit: Rachel Portele Petra was a place that the local Beduins knew for years and tried to hide for the rest of the world. They knew it was a place that everybody would like to go and wonder around...