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For Ancient Greeks Our Modern Democracy is an Oligarchy

To ancient Greeks, our modern democracy would count as “oligarchy”. The rule of and by the few, as opposed to the power of the people.

How Ancient Greeks, Romans Controlled the Spread of Disease

Ancient Greeks and Romans got a surprising number of things right about how disease spreads and the importance of airflow for public health.

What Has Russia Ever Done For Greece?

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has reignited the debate in Greece on the historic relations between the two nations that share a common religion. The destruction of towns and villages in eastern Ukraine, especially Mariupol where tens of thousands of ethnic...

Putin Reclaims Byzantium for His New Russian Empire

Putin has associated Russia with Byzantium in ways that are apparent to countries with an Orthodox legacy but are not necessarily clear to the rest of the world. By Theodore Christou Russia's two-headed eagle often worn by Russian athletes on their...

The Ancient Greeks Had Alternative Facts Too

The ancient Greeks had different ways of thinking about narrative and truth than we do today. By Joel Christensen In an age of deepfakes and alternative facts, it can be tricky getting at the truth. But persuading others—or even yourself—of what...

What the Greek Classics Tell Us About Grief and Mourning the Dead

Through the Greek classics, the true meaning of life can be explored by humanity and all the experiences that come with it. By: Joel Christensen As the coronavirus pandemic hit New York in March of 2020, the death toll quickly went...

The Influence of Alexander the Great on Indian and World Cuisine

Customs, flavors and rituals linking food to the sacred and divine had an enormous upheaval during the time of Alexander the Great.

Did Greek Art Inspire China’s Terracotta Army?

The alleged “Greekness” of the Terracotta Army went viral, but archaeologists in China were skeptical of the influence of Greek art.

The Erotic Art of Ancient Greece and Rome

Explicit erotic art was common in ancient Greece and Rome. Sex is everywhere on Athenian vases of the 6th and 5th centuries BC.

Putin’s War in Ukraine, For Russia’s Imperial Past

Putin’s defense for his war on Ukraine is repeating Russia's trope that Ukraine is not a real nation, and that Ukrainians are not a real people.  But it is his punitive passion to resurrect Russia’s past from the graveyard...

War in Ukraine and NATO Expansion into Eastern Europe

As fighting rages across Ukraine, two versions of reality that underlie the conflict stare across a deep divide, neither conceding any truth to the other. By Ronald Suny, Professor of History and Political Science, University of Michigan The more widespread and...

Putin and Erdogan: Architects of Revisionism

The violation of international law and disregard for international treaties by Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine is a dark sign of revisionism

Ancient Greeks Also Blamed their Leaders for the Plague Pandemic

Ancient Greeks blamed their leaders for the misfortune of the plague, just as many Americans do today in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. By Joel Christensen Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, as a scholar of ancient Greek literature, I...

Valentine’s Day: The Pressures of Shopping for Romance

Valentine’s Day is crunch time for many couples as research has shown that romantic relationships are more likely to end on or around February 14 compared to almost any other time of the year. Cathrine Jansson-Boyd says that for...

Pronunciation of Greek is Major Problem in Speaking the Language

Pronunciation of Greek is the major problem in learning the language, according to an English speaker living on the island of Crete. "My plea to the Greek people would be to please be patient with us and to try and...