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Saint Demetrios: The History of Thessaloniki’s Beloved Patron Saint

Saint Demetrios (or Dimitrios) of Thessaloniki is one of the most popular Christian saints not only in Greece but across the Orthodox Christian world, with millions of people bearing his name, in all of its many beautiful variations. Saint Demetrios...

Greek Good Friday Procession Tweaked for Coronavirus

This year, Greeks gathered for the mournful Good Friday "Epitaphio" procession under different conditions than usual due to coronavirus restrictions. 

Catholics in Greece Celebrate Easter Amid Coronavirus Restrictions

Catholic and Protestant Christians across Greece celebrate Easter on Sunday, April 4.

The World After the Coronavirus: What a Greek-American Yale Professor Envisions

The world after the coronavirus pandemic will look very different, according to a new book from Yale professor Nicholas Christakis.

Greek Orthodox Churches in Britain to Close Due to Lockdown

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain announced on Saturday that all its churches will close across the country. This comes as a result of the new national lockdown imposed in England and the rest of the nations...

"Athos Digital Heritage" Makes Mount Athos Treasures Accessible to All

Mount Athos' religious and cultural treasures can now be accessed by people all over the world through the Athos Digital Heritage platform, after the finalization of the OTE Group project. The "Athonite Digital Ark" project took four years to complete...

Altar to Greek God Pan Discovered in Ruins of Byzantine Church in Israel

An Israeli archaeologist uncovered a stone altar to the Greek God Pan Heliopolitanos during excavations in a Byzantine church.

Muslims Decry Lack of Appropriate Burial Places in Greece

Sparked by the tragic death of a 27-year-old asylum seeker and mother of three from Afghanistan, Greece's Muslim community has requested more appropriate burial places for their dead. Currently, there is only one Muslim cemetery in the entire country. The...

Armenians in Tearful Goodbye to their Own ”Sumela” Monastery

Just like the Greeks who were forced to give up their precious cultural heritage of Pontus and Asia Minor to the Turks a century ago, Armenians did the same over the weekend as they bid farewell to Dadivank Monastery. In...

Erdogan Pushes to Allow Islamic Prayer Inside Hagia Sophia

The controversial issue of once again performing Islamic prayers inside Hagia Sophia this July was discussed during a recent High Advisory Board meeting of the Turkish presidency. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke out at the meeting, which took place on June...