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The Pyramid-like Peak of Mount Taygetus in Greece

The pyramid-like peak of Mount Taygetus (or Taygetos) in southern Peloponnese Greece has been captured in all its glory by a drone video. The name of the mountain is one of the oldest recorded in Europe, appearing in the Odyssey....

Greece’s Miracle Church: 17 Oak Trees Sprout From Its Roof and Walls

A tiny church in Greece's Peloponnese dating back to the 11th or the 12th century is a miracle of nature, and for the faithful, a sign of God’s power. Religious pilgrims and sightseers alike come to visit Saint Theodora near...

Breathtaking Ruins of Mystras Mark Center of Byzantine Power in Greece

Mystras which lies in the southeastern Peloponnesian Peninsula, was once the center of Byzantine power in southern Greece.

Monemvasia: Europe’s Oldest Continuously Inhabited Castle Town is in Greece

Monemvasia, on the southeastern shores of the Peloponnese, Greece is Europe's oldest continuously inhabited castle town. Founded in 583 by inhabitants of the mainland seeking refuge from the Slavic and the Avaric invasion of Greece and surrounded by the Myrtoan...

Odontotos: Greece’s Amazing Cog Railway of the Peloponnese

The "Odontotos" railway in Greece, one of the few surviving cog railways in Europe, travels across the country and over and through its spectacular mountains. People in many mountainous countries in Europe and beyond are used to cog, or "rack,"...

Oldest Underwater City in the Mediterranean is Pavlopetri in Greece

Pavlopetri is a small islet off the coast of Laconia in the Peloponnese, where ancient history meets the endless blue of the Mediterranean.

Greece Begins Gas Exploration Off Crete

Greece began gas exploration starting with seismic surveys on Thursday in offshore areas west and southwest of Crete, Environment and Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas said. In speaking to public television channel ERT, Skrekas said that "the ship has begun. At...

Monastery of the Philosopher Among Oldest Byzantine Monuments in Greece

The Monastery of the Philosopher in Arcadia, dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, is steeped in Greek history

The History of the Greek Orthodox Community of Bangor, Maine

The small but thriving Greek community in Bangor, Maine has a rich history that dates back to the 1890s. The history of large-scale Greek immigration to the United States goes all the way back to the second half of the...

Lost Temple of Poseidon Unearthed in Southern Greece

Ancient ruins unearthed in Ileia, Greece, have been identified by archaeologists as the lost temple of Poseidon described by Strabo.