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Unfinished Roman-era Statue Unearthed in Veria, Greece

An unfinished Roman-era statue made of marble was unearthed in an excavation in Veria recently, according to a statement issued by the Greek Ministry of Culture on Wednesday. The statue, which does not have a head, is three-fifths life size;...

Woman Dies in Greece After Severe Weather Event

A rescue team recovered the body of a missing woman in northern Greece on Sunday. The woman was driving in her car when she got caught amidst the rushing waters of the Zliana stream in Katerini, Macedonia. Her body was...

The Anniversary of the Discovery of Philip of Macedon’s Tomb

On November 8, 1977, archaeologists discovered the tomb of King Philip of Macedon, King of Macedonia and father of Alexander the Great.

Archaeologist May Have Found Tomb of Alexander the Great’s Mother

If a Greek archaeologist is correct, the tomb belonging to Olympias, Alexander the Great's mother, may have been found in Korinos Pieria, in central Macedonia. The possible discovery of the long-sought tomb of the greatest of Greece's historic generals and...

North Macedonia’s Zaev Resigns After Election Defeat

North Macedonia’s Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said on Sunday that he was resigning following his party’s defeat in municipal elections over the weekend. “I take the responsibility for the results of these elections. I resign as Prime Minister,” Zaev said...

Kaimaktsalan: Greece’s Winter Mykonos

Palaios Agios Athanasios or Tsegani is a traditional village at the foot of Mount Vorras or Kaimaktsalan, on the Piperitsa summit, next to Lake Vegoritida in Western Macedonia.

Tomb of Amphipolis, Ancient Wonder of the World, to be Rebuilt

The Tomb of Amphipolis, considered to be one of the ancient Wonders of the World, will soon be rebuilt, showcasing the remnants of the original tomb by means of a glass floor. The Greek Ministry of Culture and Sport  announced...

North Macedonia Promises to Correct Jersey Logos

Zoran Zaev said that the ongoing issue of the name displayed on the jerseys of his nation's football players is being addressed.

Greece Split in Half: Snow in the North, Warm in the South

Greece has been split in half since Saturday in terms of its weather conditions, with snow in the north and warm temperatures in the south.

Cold Front “Medea” Approaches Athens, Leaves Northern Greece Snowy

After touching down in northern Greece on Saturday, the cold front Medea has continued to bring down temperatures across the country on Sunday. The cold front, which has blanketed much of northern Greece in snow, originated as cold masses of...