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How Alexander the Great Discovered Himalayan Salt

During their numerous conquests across much of the known world, Alexander the Great and his horse Bucephalas led the elite Macedonian cavalry. According to one legend, they even discovered Himalayan salt, famous today for its  pinkish tint and its...

When Alexander the Great Conquered Babylon

The glorious entrance of Alexander the Great in Babylon as conqueror and savior was the culmination of his great achievements

The Mystery of Aristotle’s Tomb

Scholars and archaeologists alike have been fascinated by the quest to find Aristotle's ultimate resting place for ages. Aristotle was one of the finest thinkers of ancient Greece. The precise location of his gravesite is still up for controversy...

Ten Things to Do in Kavala: The Beautiful Gateway to Macedonia

The city of Kavala in northern Greece, which rises up from the sea like an amphitheater, is a gem waiting to be explored for its rich history and beautiful surroundings.

Discover Centuries of Greek History in Veria

Built at the foot of Mount Vermion, the Greek city of Veria was the second most important town after Aigai in the ancient Macedonian era. It was also the third most important city of the Byzantine empire from the 11th...

Ancient Greeks of India: The Final Stand of Hellenism

Greeks and Indians are ancient peoples as we all know. They are two cultures which laid out the foundation of several disciplines of knowledge in their respective parts of the world, and while this may be well-known to many,...

Battle of Chaeronea Confirmed Macedonia’s Dominance Over Rest of Greece

The Battle of Chaeronea, believed to have taken place on August 2, 338 BCE, confirmed Macedonia's control over the southern Greek city-states, paving the way for Alexander the Great's legendary conquests. Philip II of Macedon, and his son, Alexander the...

The School of Aristotle: One of the First Universities in the World

A place of universal historic and cultural interest, the ruins of the School of Aristotle are located just two miles from the contemporary town of Naoussa in the Greek region of Macedonia. Located in the region of Esvoria along the...

Alexander the Great’s Tomb: One of History’s Greatest Mysteries

For over 2,300 years, researchers and historians are trying to find the Alexander the Great Tomb, something that remains one of the world's greatest mysteries

Six Reasons to Visit Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki, Greece's second largest city, is both historic and avant-garde, and an ideal destination for a short city break.