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Loukoumades: From the Ancient Olympics to the Present Day

Loukoumades, a favorite sweet delicacy that can be found in every Greek city, have a thousand-year history. There is even literary evidence that loukoumades were enjoyed by the ancient Greeks at the Olympics. Many legends are associated with this popular...

Nostalgic Greek Sweets and Treats from Bygone Days

Greek sweets are famously decadent and delicious. There are a number of traditional sweets that remind Greeks of bygone days when kids enjoyed carnivals and fairs. Old lady's hair, or cotton candy Old lady's hair is a timeless treat that is...

Loukoumades Mafia Busted By Greek Police

Greek police have broken up the "loukoumades mafia" which has been operating in numerous locations across Chalkidiki, Northern Greece.

Historical Donut Shop in Athens Shuts Down After 91 Years Due to Crisis

Aegeon, the most historical donut shop in Athens, has shut down due to the economic crisis, 91 years after it first opened its doors in central Athens. Greek donuts, called loukoumades, are deep fried and served on a plate with...

Loukoumades: Greek Fried Puffs Recipe

A traditional recipe for Loukoumades, the delicious Greek fried puffs with honey.

Delicious Athens: A Food Tour in Greece's Capital by a Local

A local resident of Athens takes us on a tour of the best Greek food places Greece's capital has to offer, beyond the offerings of the usual stereotype tourist tours.

5 Must Taste Greek Christmas Recipes

Christmas in Greece is not as religiously oriented as Easter, but it includes a two-week holiday, with children away from school, exchanging of presents between loved ones, sweets and various dishes of supreme taste enhancing the festive mood, and...