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Jellyfish Found in Greece are the Least Dangerous of All

The jellyfish one sees on the beaches in Greece are probably the least dangerous of any anywhere, with their size being much smaller than those found in the world's oceans. Jellyfish, also called jellies, or medusas -- because of their...

Jellyfish Threaten Greece’s Pristine Chalkidiki Beaches

An explosion in the population of jellyfish at some of Greece's most popular beaches is causing concern for beachgoers this summer.

Floating Nets to Counter Jellyfish Invasion in the Gulf of Corinth

The Greek government is rushing through parliament legislation that will allow local authorities and tourist businesses to counter the jellyfish problem that is particularly acute in the Gulf of Corinth and Patraikos Gulf. The Deputy Minister for the Environment, Sokratis...

UK Warns Tourists Of Greek Jellyfish

The British Foreign Office has warned British tourists coming to Greece be Beware of jellyfish, issuing the advice in a renewed travel instruction. Similar instructions were issued in Mediterranean regions of France and Italy as it has been observed that...